pic-19Nowadays homosexuality is being discussed all around. In some countries it has social and legal recognition whereas in others battle is going on over its validity so it is important to know specific combinations of planets in the astrology that make anybody homosexual and our research team have studied some combinations of planets and found those combinations of planets that are in the category of adultery in Indian astrology are attracted towards homosexuality. Such specific combinations of planets are discussed here.

Certain special Yog for Homosexuality are……

1· If Mars (Mangal) and Venus (Shukra) planets are together in the horoscope with any malefic planet or aspect by malefic planet, then the man with such combination is bound to be adulterer and if the atmosphere or environment remains favorable (such as staying in hostel with someone) the person may be a victim of homosexuality.

2· Similar having  Mars (Mangal) and Venus (Shukra) in horoscope along with  Rahu can make person a gay / lesbian .

3· Saptmesh (Lord of 7th house)  with Rahu in horoscope in combination with any debilitated  planet makes human being a gay / lesbian.

4· If Saptmesh (Lord of 7th house) is in debilitated  condition with any malefic planet in the horoscope,  person may be a gay / lesbian.

5· If  Saptmesh ( Lord of 7th house) is with any debilitated malefic planet in horoscope then also fears of homosexuality persists.

6· If combination of Saptmesh ( lord of 7th house ) and Panchmesh (lord of 5th house) exits and  anyone in debilitated condition  with any malefic planet, the person might be a gay / lesbian .

  1. Saptmesh (Lord of 7th house) anywhere in the horoscope especially at pancham bhav ( 5th house) with two or more malefic planets creates the possibility of homosexuality.

8· If  7th house is affected by two or more malefic planet and even if Saptmesh (lord of 7th house) is also effected  by malefic planet anywhere in horoscpe, the person might be a gay / lesbian.

9· If Sptmesh (Lord of 7th house) is effected by malefic planets or in debilitated  condition  is located in the Pancham bhav (5th house) and Panchmesh (lord of 5th house) is also effected with malefic planet the chance of being homosexual increases.

10· If Papakrant( effected by malefic planet) Pancmesh is located in seventh house and even Papakrant (effected by malefic planets) Sptmesh (Lord of 7th house) is also located anywhere in horoscope, the chance of being gay/lesbian increases.

Special thing for homosexuality is that two males or females with necessary combinations live together otherwise it may not work or are not effective.