Pic-01 1 . In the creation of universe, those 32 main elements which are in the form of factor, they all exist in the Cow’s body.  Hence, the circumambulation of cow means circumambulation of the whole earth.  The breath which cow exhale is an antivirus air.  The exhaled breathing by the cow kills many harmful and invisible bacterial.  The derive energy continuously discharge from the cow’s body which is very beneficial for the human body.  A fragrance like a pure “GUGGAL” flows from the cow’s body which makes the environment pure and sacred.

  1. According to a book, “The cow is a wonderful laboratory’” published by Agriculture department of America, that cow is the only living being among all living animals and all lactating animals, which has 180 feet long intestine (2160 inch) by the grace of god and that is not found in any other animal.
  2. It is written in the Bhavishya Puran, there is Braham in Gaumata’s{cow’s} back. Vishnu in her neck, Rudra in her mouth, all deity in the middle and in skin pores all the Maharishis, Anant Naag in the tail, all the mountains in the nails, Ganga in gaumutra {Urine} , Laxmi in gomay{dung} and in eyes Sun-Moon resides.
  3. Cow is capable in killing all the three tapas Aadhidaivik, Adhidehik and Aadhibhautik.  Therefore,  in shashtras cow is said as a “SARVASUKHAPRADA” which gives priceless things like, nectar as milk, curd, ghee, gaumutra {Urine}, gomay {Dung} and gorochana.
  4. The size of the horns of cow is generally like pyramid, which works like powerful antenna in collecting the cosmic energy. In the cow’s kubad, there is Surya Ketu Nadi which adopts the qualities of sun.  This is the receiver of all the planets.  This is the reason that there are so many medicinal benefits in gaumutra{cow urine} , cow dung, milk, curd & ghee.  The Nadi found in cow’s kubad stops the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  5. The secret of yellowish color in cow’s milk /ghee is that gold is partially found in it. There is around 10 gm gold  found in 1600 kilolitre milk, which increase the immunity power of the body.
  6. Researchers have disconcerted “ Lactoferrin B25” (Lafrin B25 in cow’s milk which helps   in stopping the cells  of “gastric cancer”).
  7. In cow’s milk, there is 87% water, 4% fat, 4% protein, 5% sugar and 1 to 2% other elements. Cow’s milk contains 8 kinds of proteins, 11 kinds of vitamins.  In cow’s milk, there is 10 times more ‘Keratin’ than in the milk of Buffalo or Jersey cow.
  8. On heating the milk of Buffalo or Jersey cow, most nutrients get drain but the nutrients of cow’s milk remains safe on heating.
  9. There is treasure of Ayurveda in Gaumutra {cow urine}, it has ‘carbolic acid’, which is a pesticide. Gaumutra {Cow Urine} never spoils in spite of being kept for long period, “carcumin’ which stops cancer.  Gauutra{ cow urine} has nitrogen, phosphate, uric acid, potassium, sodium, lactose, sulfur, ammonia, without salt vitamin A, B, C, D & Enzymes etc. elements found.  Gaumuta{cow urine} has mainly 16 mineral elements, which increases Immunity power of the body.  According to Ayurveda, regular intake of gauumutra{Cow urine} can cure so many disease.  Daily 20 ml intake of gaumutra in the morning and evening, following diseases can be cured:    1. Poor Appellate  2. Indigestion  3. Hernia  4.  Mirgi    5.  dizziness        6.  Piles   7.  Metabolic  syndrome 8. Diabetes  9.Constipation 10. Heart diseases  11.Acidity 12.Heat stroke 13. Jaundice 14. Itching 15. Mouth diseases  16.Blood pressure  17. Leprosy  18.  Fistula  19.  Teeth disease  20. Eye disease  21. Impotence  22. Cold  23.  Fever  24.  Skin disease  25.  Wound  26.  Headache  27. Asthma  28.   asthma     29.gyne problem  30. Breast diseases    31. Depthreria32-  Insomnia.  The people who takes gaumutra{cow urine} daily, their immunity power increases.  Body becomes healthy & energetic.
  1. Different types of medicines being made by gauumutra {cow urine}:

Gauumutra ark (Normal)  2.  Medicinal gauumutra ark (According to different diseases)  3.  Gaumutra ghanbati  4. Gauumutrasav  5.  Naari sanjvini  6.  Balpal Ras  7.  Pamehari etc.

  1. ‘Propylene oxide’ is produced by the mixture of dung-urine which is helpful in bringing rain. Ethylene oxide gas also produces with its mixture, which is used in operation theatre.
  2. Brazil had imported Indian animal wealth at the end of last century. Cows which had gone to Brazil were “gir’ and ‘kankrej’ breed of Gujarat and ‘ongal’ breed of Andhra Pradesh.  You will be shocked to know that today in the whole world Brazil is the biggest importing country of Indian breed’s cow, while in India the poor condition of country’s cow is no more a hidden thing.  However, though in a competition held in Brazil, Indian cow has proved after giving highest quantity of the milk that there is no base of logic who talks about the qualities of Jersey cow.
  3. Milk is divided into two category – A1 and A2 (A1 of Jersey and A2 of Indian Normal Cow) whole world included India many people are cached by cancer, diabetes, joint pain, asthma, after drinking A1 milk. In the whole world, the dairy industry is doing possible changes on the basis of production in their animals,  reproductive policies “best milk means free from BCM7 A2 milk”.  In world market the price of certified A2 milk is more than the normal A1 Dairy milk in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Japan and now in America although A2 milk is only received from Indian breed’s normal cow.
  4. Indian normal cow is filled with the feeling of Motherliness, it loves its child till 18 hours after giving birth. This is the reason, it recognize its child between hundred of its calf.  Moreover, if cow doesn’t feed its child, it doesn’t give the milk.  While Buffalo or Jersey cow gives permission of taking out the milk immediately after eating their grass. This is the reason that the children who drinks cow’s milk are more calm and mannered and well behaved.