pic-30 Pregnancy of any girl of every society, class and family is considered agreed ritual depending on her body and brain health as well as social and familial morality. The humanity has got paramount position in these, whose views have been closely stated in science and Hindu scriptures. Accordingly, any girl should not conceive until she gets the physical and mental maturity and unless she gets tied in a social and family value. This biological process is related to nature, environment and civil society.  Understand this in a way that there is coordination among them, and weakness in any of these directly effects conception, and male-female as well as infant.

Vedic Recognition —–

In Hindu Religion Vedic mantras depicts the nature of conception, because it is not only the process of giving birth to a baby, but behind this is a representation of all mankind, and the future of the baby in the womb depends on it .

In a Vedic mantra it is clearly stated that the children are born of parents’ soul, heart and body, for this reason parents’ physical and mental qualities whether good or bad are bound to come to children. Mental and physical purification is mandatory prior to Procreation, which is achieved by conception rites. A question is being asked whether physical and mental peace is possible by a few verses, mantra and worship of gods ? The answer given is yes, because humans minds have an important role in being  good or bad. The mind causes an agonizing of worldly bondage and felicitous effect.  So, it is necessary to adapt and understand the flow and the impact, these make it possible to adopt values, legislations and conducts, spells restrained and person’s mind is filled with virtuous emotions, to stop brutality and helps to get a sense and understanding of  the universe. Assuming this conception should be in accordance of the scriptures. The conception is not only about sexuality and questions will continue on its recognition to anomy the mind.

Rites contribution……Infant in the womb is part of a complete man and woman, he has his own nature, but he is full of gods’ and maternal and parental loans. It impacts its future body structure. He is very close to his/her parents’ feelings. He adapts their thinking and behavior, or his parents’ nature, attitude and aptitude-disqualification gets seeded in him which are found from the time of conception. Fickle mind adopts as the same as her parents are. He receives his parents’ bio-prospecting and accordingly also embraces the physical and mental health. All of these play a vital role in terms of our values.