1. East Direction: The first direction is “East” from where the sun god rises. Wherever you are, a direction in which the sun rays rise in the morning will be East direction. This direction is considered auspicious in ‘Vastu Shastra’. Even the auspicious prayer is carried only in this direction. This direction is a sign of new life, therefore, this direction is considered as the best for prosperity, development, healthy living, and impressive personality. If the entrance of any building is in this direction, it is auspicious and this gives positivity to those coming into the building.

  1. South East: South-east direction is considered to be the angle of fire. Because the south-east is occupied by fire, so it is good to have kitchen in this direction. This direction increases energy, vitality and force. Flaw in this direction increases loss due to fire, fear of fire, anxiety, and enhances disrepute.
  2. South : Lord Yama is the owner of South direction. He is called the god of death. So this direction is not considered auspicious and particularly auspicious acts are prohibited in this direction. Architectural defects of south direction in a House affect the life with hurdles and insults in life. The blessings of the forefathers has been considered in this direction, so when architectural flaw comes from south direction then it becomes a sign of ‘Pitridosh’ and their blessings are denied. Consequently, the occupants of the house are in poor health and bickering, fault, and other enormous crisis keep happening. Therefore by giving importance to the south direction families receive blessings and prosperity from forefathers.
  3. South-West : South-west is also called “Nahrity angle”. Its master is demon. If this angle becomes auspicious, success, money, fame, fulfillment of wishes come in the life otherwise in case of defect depression, disease, fear, etc. make life painful.
  4. West Direction: This direction is of west in Vastu Shastra. Lord Shani  is the owner of this direction. If it is auspicious, individual gets a variety of advancement, comfort and success in life. Flaws in the west cause bickering in relationships, unpleasantness and cheating in partnership.
  5. North-West: “Vayudev”( Lord of Air) has jurisdiction over North-west direction, so it is also called aerial angle. Bhagwan Vayu is the father of Pawanputra Lord Hanuman. If this shortcoming is corrected then with the blessings of Vayudev (Lord of Air) develops rapport among brothers, and the individual’s task is accomplished by their cooperation. Flaws in this direction, make brothers enemies, produce more discomfort in a legal dispute and deception in partnership.
  6. North Direction: Bhagwan Kuber is the lord of North direction, he is the owner of property-wealth and also is the treasurer of the gods. With his blessings, home is occupied by goddess ‘Lakshmi’, several amenities, textiles, opulence, splendor, wealth are obtained by his blessings. ‘Vastudosh’ in this direction, causes massive economic crisis, poverty and lack of objects, elders’ blessings are not obtained therefore they cause losses in every way.
  7. North – East: This direction is also called the “Eshankon” and Lord Shiva is the owner of this direction. The auspiciousness of this direction gives peace of mind, devotion, fame with satisfaction, value, wealth in life. But incase of fault, adverse situations can give disturbance in mind, anxieties by off springs, abortion and childlessness. Therefore, cure of this architectural defect is necessary.

We can get pleasure, prosperity, progeny, fame in life, by exonerating flaws of these eight directions. Good health and sound mind strengthen life on the path of mundane and spirituality.