We must test the land before starting construction and should pay special attention to the contours of plot. According to its size a piece of land may give good and bad impacts. Below, the individual shape of the land and their impacts are being discussed.

  1. Supakar plot

Plot having contour of the soup is called Supakar plot. Supakar plot is considered sinister and retractable. Constructing building on this, results in destruction of –property and stringency of funds.

2.Tablakar plot

Plots having tabla shapes are called Tablakar plot. This plot is bad and retractable. prosperity never comes on constructing building on this plot, like tabla habitats have to remain empty. In life there is always less economic benefits.

3.Mridngakar plot

The plots having contour similar to the shape of a drum are called Mridngakar plots. The plot is sinister and is deadly particularly for women. The plot is retractable. Constructing Building on this, results in poverty due to financial constraints.

  1. Trikonatmak plot

This land is of triangle-shaped. The land is considered inauspicious for landlord. Those who live here get in legal entanglements and person does not get full remuneration for his work at workplace.

5.Chimtakar plot

Tong shaped plot is known as Chimtakar. The plot is bad and retractable. Constructing building on this plot causes dissent in the home and the economic situation of the habitats can be crumbled.

6.Andakar plot

Egg-shaped plot is called elliptical. The plot is bad and retractable. Constructing building on this plot results always in a loss. Individual does exertion but gets nothing in return for their hard work..

  1. Shatcon or ashtacon plot

The plot of the six or more sides or visually similar to a circle is known as Shatcon. Living here results in  poverty and the plot is bad and retractable. Stringency of funds remain always even money keep coming.

  1. Aytakar plot

The land having both sides and angles equal is called the rectangular plot. It is always lucrative and enjoyable. Concerning individual is lucky in wealth and he never lacks funds in life.

9.Vargakar plot

The plot having four sides and angles equal around is called the square plot. This plot is particularly fruitful for habitats and can result in more wealth with less hardship and have success in his footsteps.

10.Vismbahu Bhuknd

Plots having sides of different measures are Vismbahu Bhuknd. The plot is bad and retractable. Constructing building on this results in unrest, grief and persisting financial strains.

11.Vrittakar plots

The land is known as a circular round shape. It is considered auspicious to plot habitat. It is lucrative and well-being of habitat is throughout life. With his hard work and effort he becomes rich.

  1. Arddh vritakar Bhuknd

The plot is similar to the half-circle and is called radial plot. The plot is bad and retractable. After constructing building on the plot builder is never satisfied, he is concerned about his half-life and money is always lacking.