GarlicApart from spreading magic to many food dishes, it has also some health benefits. Consuming a little garlic every day can help you to immune your body and protect you. If you want to reap the most health benefits from it, you should consume in its raw form.  I am writing top ten health benefits which you can get by garlic.

  1. FIGHTS FUNGAL INFECTION :– Garlic helps in fighting fungal infections causing ringworm, athlete’s foot and jock itch. You can apply garlic gel or oil on the affected areas and you can apply the garlic paste in the affected areas of your mouth, if you are dealing with an oral thrush. You should add raw and fresh garlic in your diet.
  2. TREATS COUGH AND COLD :– Garlic offers a wonderful treatment for cough and cold due to the presence of antiviral and anti biotic properties. It is also helpful for people who are suffering from respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma.
  3. BOOSTS IMMUNITY :– Surprisingly, garlic is a good source of minerals manganese and selenium and the vitamins B6 and C. All of these helps in boosting your immunity.
  4. REDUCES ARTHRITIS PAIN :– Due to the presence of anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties, garlic helps in reducing the inflammation related with various other forms of arthritis.  You must include garlic in your diet if you want to lessen the pain in aching and inflamed joints.
  5. CONTROLS HYPERTENSION :- People who has high blood pressure should consume in an empty stomach, a few raw garlic cloves as they are known as reducing high blood pressure. It makes blood flow more smoother by widening the blood vessels.
  6. IMPROVES HEART HEALTH :- Garlic helps in preventing heart disease, lowering cholesterol and improving blood circulation. You should eat one or two garlic cloves daily in the morning in order to prevent heart disease and improve cardiovascular health. You can also consume garlic in supplement form, 900 mg of daily dose of garlic powder is found to be quite effective.
  7. CURES TOOTHACHE :- Due to the presence of analgesic and anti bacterial properties, garlics are found to be quite effective in curing toothaches. In order to get an instant relief, you can put some crushed garlic cloves or garlic oil on the affected tooth.
  8. COMBATS ALLERGIES :- Garlic helps in fighting different type of allergies due to the presence of anti inflammatory and anti viral properties. People should consume garlic supplements daily who are suffering from allergies. You can also apply crumbled garlic in order to get an instant relief from rashes or itching.
  9. INHIBITS CANCER :- Consuming garlic on a regular basis helps in preventing cancer. Moreover, it also helps in preventing certain tumors. There is a compound present in garlic, that is, ally sulfur which can lessen the development of cancerous cell growth. If your family have a history of cancer then you must eat garlic daily on a regular basis in order to reduce the risk of having cancer.
  10. AIDS DIGESTION :- Garlic promotes digestion by regulating the functioning of stomach. It also helps our body to release the toxins, however, it is not recommended to eat garlic in excess as it may cause heartburn.