gingerGinger has made its own place in the world of Indian cuisine due to its spicy and strong aroma. You can use this spice in the form of oil or juice, dried or fresh and in the form of pickled or powdered.  The most commonly used form of ginger is ginger tea which is favorite among the people of Indian classical household. Apart from the magic that it spreads on dishes, it has also some health benefits which are as follows :-

  1. TREATS MORNING SICKNESS :– Pregnant women often suffer from morning sickness which can be treated with ginger as it works like vitamin B6. Even if you are suffering from usual nausea, then you can use ginger to get an instant relief.  In order to treat morning sickness, you can chew on ginger with a little honey. If you don’t like the taste of raw ginger then ginger supplements are other options.
  2. PREVENTS COLD AND FLU :– It is commonly used as a treatment of cold and flu in Indian households as it improves the immune system. If you suffer from cold and flu then you should  consume this ingredient 3-4 times a day as it will help in removing toxic substances in a natural manner  from your body and you will start feeling better.
  3. SETTLES UPSET STOMACHS :- There are the presence of carminative properties in ginger which can be used in treating an upset stomach. You should consume it after a large meal in order to improve digestion.
  4. REDUCES MENSTRUAL PAIN :– It is a natural painkiller and has an anti inflammatory properties. Women can consume ginger capsules or ginger powder in order to treat menstrual pain.
  5. PREVENTS CANCER :– According to studies, if you apply ginger powder then it can help in inducing cell death in ovarian cancer cells. They also found that it can help in preventing colon cancer to a great extent by slowing the growth of colorectal cancer cells. It also has an ability to battle against other types of cancer which includes pancreatic, lung, prostate, skin and breast cancer.
  6. REDUCING ARTHRITIS PAIN :– According to a study, it was found that ginger is quite effective in reducing the syndrome related to osteoarthritis of the knee. In order to treat the pain, you should include cooked or raw ginger in your diet and also apply ginger paste with turmeric on the affected area.
  7. SUPPRESSES COUGH :– Ginger may be used to soothe the irritation of a sore throat and ease the pain due to its natural analgesic and pain killing properties. It can also helps in treating cough if one is suffering from cold. In order to suppress cough, you can drink ginger tea or juice or chew some fresh ginger root.
  8. TREAT MIGRAINES :– Ginger has an ability to stop prostaglandins  from causing inflammation in the blood and the pain  and hence, they might provide relief in migraines. During a migraine attack, you can drink ginger tea in order to get relief from unbearable migraine pain.
  1. CONTROLS DIABETES :– According to some experts, drinking ginger juice in the morning helps in regulating blood sugar. If you consume ginger juice regularly then it might help in reducing urine protein levels, decrease urine  output and water intake, and it may also reduce the risks of various types of damage which are caused by uncontrolled blood sugar.
  2. PROMOTES HEART HEALTH :– Regular intake of ginger promotes a healthy heart. It regulates blood pressure and lowers the cholesterol level. It also helps in preventing the blood from clotting which lowers the risks of various heart diseases. Thus you should include ginger in your diet in order to maintain a good cardiovascular health.