Well, spices do not just another essential ingredient in your food or cooking but it can also be great for your health. You will be surprised to know that why people are using spices for many years, of course there is a separate REASON for this! Now a days scientists are revealing the potential powers of the usage of spices, these can help in healing small chronic diseases, it can prevent and treat more than two hundred diseases and inflammation problems, surprised? Now i am writing about top spices which can boost your health.

76_chili peper

1. CHILE PEPPER :-  People wonder that why this ingredient is hot, the ingredient capsaicin is the reason of this and this is actually favorable for you. It can improve and enhance your stamina level and digestive system, which can result in causing loss of weight favorably,  interdict bacterial growth, and abate skin allergies. According to a recent Australian study,  if you add chilies in your food then you can actually prevent the build up of cholesterol in the blood of yours.


2.  TURMERIC :-  According to some studies,  adding turmeric in your food can reduce the risk of having cancer and heart diseases. From ancient times, it has been used as an anti-inflammatory agent in order to heal many conditions such as bellyache, toothache, chest pain, wounds, swelling, urine problems, menstrual problems,  jaundice and many more others.


3. CARDAMOM :-  It is well known in the Indian cooking system. It holds a chemical substance, which is, limonene, that can intensify the activity of antioxidants. Adding this ingredient in your cooking can also help in improving digestive system and lowering blood pressure. You can also pour it into your cappuccino as it will decrease the acidity of coffee and abrogate the coffee`s effects.

79_CINNAMON4. CINNAMON :- It can be a great help in dealing those people who are suffering from type 2 Diabetes by balancing the blood sugar. Besides this, it can also act as an anti inflammatory agent,  cut the risk of heart diseases, improve sensitivity to the hormone insulin and can have beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseases.


5. GINGER :-  It is a common ingredient in the Indian cuisine and it has been used for centuries and is famous for the health benefits.  It can be helpful in pain reduction,  digestive issues, decrease inflammation, which in turn can reduce the risk of having colon cancer. If you are dealing with motion sickness then a few pieces of ginger can really be useful.


6. FENNEL :- Well, this spice can be helpful for those girls who always complained about monthly menstrual cramps!  It has ingredients ( phytoestrogens and  phytochemicals) that can help in relieving the cramps. More importantly, it can also reduces the risk of developing breast cancer cells.  You can get benefits of this ingredient by granulating the fennel seeds and mixing it with tea.


7. PARSLEY :-  This ingredient is the main source of Vitamin A, C, B12 and K,  and all these Vitamins help in creating a vulnerable body. You can use this ingredient by mixing it with smoothie or salads.


8. GARLIC:- It helps in curing all manner of allergies, lowering blood pressure and balancing the cholesterol levels. It is useful in anticipating cancer, so if you use two to three pieces of garlic in a week then you can prevent many diseases including cancer.


9. CORIANDER :-  Many people thinks to coriander and cilantro be the same which is not right as coriander spice comes from crushing its seeds whereas cilantro comes from the plants of coriander which is leafy herbs. Besides with the helping in digestion, it also help in treating the IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).

85_CLOVES10. CLOVES:- Cloves are considered to be in one of the top ten spices which deals with the properties of antioxidants. They are being used in Indian and Chinese traditional machine for more than two thousand years. You can use the essential oils of cloves in order to encourage healthy teeth.