140_pic-2Red meat is one of the most popular meat in America, but despite its popularity,  it can really have adverse effects to your health. It can pose a number of threats to your well being, consuming high amount of red meat can lead to increase the chances of heart diseases and cancer.  I am writing about some negative effects of consuming red meat so that you can be aware of the health risks and i hope i can put you on the right way towards a longer and a healthier life.

90_pic-51.  HEART DISEASE : Red beef might taste good to you but it does not matter if you suffer from  a heart disease by consuming this, in future. According to a report by Harvard school of public health, they found that even if people eat fifty grams of red meat every day then it means that they might have increase the risk of having heart disease by forty two percent. The most harmful is processed red meat which includes any salted, cured or smoke meat, that is, sausages, hot dogs, luncheon, bacon, meat and salami. Also, the iron and fat which are found in red meat, might increase the inflammation and oxidative stress in your body, which can also be the reason to trigger stroke and heart diseases.

91_pic-32. CANCER :  If you regularly eat large amounts of red meat then there is a higher chance of developing certain type of cancer which might include esophageal, colorectal and stomach cancer.  If a red meat is processed or cooked at a very high temperatures some compounds can form which can cause cancer, for instance, carcinogens. When you eat red meat along with this compound, then there will be higher chance of cultivating cancer.


3. TYPE 2 DIABETES: According to a report by “American Journal of Clinical institution”, they found that consuming hundred grams of red meat can increase the chance of developing type 2 diabetes with nineteen percent whereas if the red meat is processed then it poses a much greater threat as consuming only fifty grams of red meat can increase the chance of developing type 2 diabetes by fifty one percent.


4. EATING RED MEAT CAN HARDEN BLOOD VESSELS : According to a study, there is a chemical found in the red meat, which is called  Carnitine, this can lead to hardening of blood vessels.

94_pic-65. MAD COW DISEASE: This disease was first discovered in 1986 in the country UK and over the next ten years,  it has induced this disease to more than one  lakh  cattle. It may cause a disease, VCJD ( Variant  Creutzfeldt-Jakob  Disease), that is not lethal but it can kill you within fifteen days. However, there is only 3 cases in United States of America yet, but this count might increase more.

95_pic-76. DON`T COURAGE ANIMAL CRUELTY: Well, we used to drink milk from cow in our childhood  and what does we give to them, in return? Eat them, right? That`s real cruelty!   In some countries, like India, people worship cows!  So do not encourage this and stop eating red meat!
If you avoid eating red meat, then you will not only save animals but YOURSELF too!