pic-22 Eating beef is the most controversial act in the world. Even media sometimes called it “beef war”, they are banned in some countries while there is no ban in most of the countries.  In India, the law of banning beef varies from state to state, which depends on the political environment. While in other countries, there is a ban on hormones infused beef, which means feeding cattles synthetic hormones before slaughtering them in order to take as much as product they can, from them. The countries include – China, Australia, Japan and European Union. However killing cows is no where banned except India, where cows are considered as our mother who gives us milk and due to religious grounds, killing them is a prohibited act.  Even in Nepal, which is closed to India, Slaughtering of cow is not allowed.

You will be shocked to know that our world contributes so much meat that every individual can eat 12.25 pounds of beef meat on a regular basis. Hong Kong consumes the beef most with per capita 123.51 in the world followed by Argentina who consumes with per capita of 96.95.  India is one of the last 4 countries who consume less beef with a per capita of 2.62. This means that more than two million Indian people are beef eaters which is a shocking result as killing cows are strictly prohibited here, where cows are considered as goddess and in Mythology, they were used to be favorite animals of lord Krishna. The country where people consume beef with per capita 0.77 and that country is Congo.

There should be ban on slaughtering of cows not just because of religious grounds but because of several other reasons which are :-
1. It has a higher amount of saturated fats which can be unhealthy to your heart.
2. Did you know that 3 ounces of beef contains two thousand calories and when you will eat a full plate of deep fried beef, what will happen? Well, you will gain more weight then.
3. Higher risk of cancer.
4. According to many studies, if you consume too much of protein then it can lead to bone calcium loss. Hence beef eaters get more than protein what they actually need.
5. Beef is a great source of  home iron which can cause Type 2 diabetes.

Well, life is really short and you don’t want to ruin it by developing several life taking diseases so at least STOP eating beef now. Besides the health factors, cows are very useful to us so why do i kill them?  We get dairy products from them such as yogurt, ghee, butter, paneer etc. In ancient times, they were considered as the backbone of Indian agriculture. Cow dung and urine would be used as a natural fertilizer and pesticides. Even today, farmers use the urine of cow as a natural peptides in African deserts, where growing out food is quite difficult. So you must think twice before killing or eating them