Pic-06Buttermilk, a cold soft drink is considered equal to nectar during summer. It can be used to avoid different kinds of physical discomforts arising in day today life of human. It also helps in enhancing beauty.

Some of the advantages are as follows –

Relief –Drinking thin buttermilk mixed with roasted cumin seeds twice a day provides enough relief during summer.

Vomitting– Buttermilk proves to be home remedy for frequent vomit occurring due to heat in the summer. Drinking buttermilk mixed with abraded Nutmeg controls vomiting.

Hiccups– In the event of frequent hiccups drinking buttermilk mixed with a teaspoon of dry ginger stops hiccup.

Blood Pressure–  Giloy or Guduchi powder when mixed  with buttermilk provides immense relief .

Memory -Having buttermilk or thin yogurt twice a day boosts memory. This is quite beneficial for students.

Stress– Intake of Residue (Buttermilk)  is beneficial during extreme mental stress.

Wrinkles: Face pack prepared by mixing buttermilk (Residue) with flour paste when applied helps to reduce facial wrinkles to much extent.

Pimples– Applying paste prepared by grinded roots of rose with buttermilk on face helps to cure problem of pimples.

Cracked Heels– Applying fresh butter prepared from buttermilk, provides immediate relief for cracked heels.

Obesity – Buttermilk can also be used to reduce body weight. For this deep fried buttermilk should be drunk by mixing with rock salt. This decreases fat and lowers obesity.

Burn– Buttermilk When applied to burnt area negates chances of blisters on body. Also burning sensation is minimised.

Itching – By applying grinded pudding leaves in buttermilk on infected part and taking shower after a while removes itching problem permanently.

Venomous animals – In case of being bitten by poisonous animals, buttermilk mixed with tobacco when applied to infected area reduces the spread of poison inside the body. Similarly, if someone has consumed poison, frequent intake of thin buttermilk can minimise the effect of poison, but before doing so the doctor’s advice is must.