Rilashan ShipPeople often wonder if their relationship is like what it used to be, are you one of them? Probably yes, otherwise, you would not be reading this article.  Well, maintaining a healthy relationship is very important in order to bring health and happiness in our lives. According to studies, it has been shown that people having healthy relationships suffer from less stress and are more happy.  Each relationship is different, however, there are basic ways which can keep your relationship healthy which are as follows .

  1. APPRECIATE EACH OTHER :– You should remember those times when you just started dating and how you used to make extra efforts in order to impress each other. Well, appreciating each other is one of the important thing to do in order to have a healthy relationship. If you are not sure where and how to start this, you can just make daily compliments.
  2. CONCENTRATE ON THE PRESENT TO ENSURE YOUR FUTURE :– Every relationship has its ups and downs, but unfortunately, many couples move further apart from each other for a variety of reasons over time, which means that their relationship does not survive when a rough patch comes in their relationship. Hence, if you want to build a strong relationship then you should acknowledge the ordinary moments in your relationship, for instance, if your partner wants to share something he is reading in the book then take some time and listen to it carefully.
  3. SHARE POWER :- Happy couples are those in which there is an equal distribution of power. The strategy of hoarding power might be beneficial for you in your career but this will backfire in your relationship as your partner will think that they does not matter to you and their opinions are not valuable. Hence you must change your attitude in order to save your relationship.
  4. KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS REALISTIC :– Remember that your life is not a fairy tale and your partner is not any prince charming from a Disney movie. Everyone might not be the way you want them to be so you should just accept them the way they are in order to have a healthy relationship.
  5. TALK WITH EACH OTHER :– Communication is very important in every relationship. Now a days, people get busy in their own lives and does not talk much with their partners which can ruin your relationship. Hence, you should start spending more time with your partner and just TALK about anything.
  6. EXERCISE TOGETHER :– According to studies, it has been shown that couples who exercise together are not only healthier but they are also more satisfied in their relationships. It will also helps you to spend more quality time with each other.
  7. FIGHT PRODUCTIVELY :- Fighting should never be about winning if you are in the right relationship. A productive fight is about finding common ground, respecting each other, compromising with each other and understanding the other person throughout the process. If you feel that you have won after the fight then there is something wrong in your relationship from your side.
  8. ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT :– If you want your spouse to do something then about it to him, he is not some mind reader who would do exactly what you want. Tell me nicely if you want him to bring flowers for her or a back massage. Do not drop hints as it is not a test that would prove if he loves you or not. On the other hand, guys should make her partner feel special too.
  9. BE HONEST :– Honesty is one of the important thing for a healthy relationship. You must be honest about what you like, what annoys you and what you hate about the relationship.
  10. FORGIVE :- This is also very important as it also helps in building trust between two persons.