pic-28  ‘Vrat’ and ‘Upwas’ have special significance in all festivals. While they differ in meaning and significance but in general, they are considered the same, both differ very little in the sense.  In ‘Vrat,’ food is not considered as binding, where as in ‘Upwas’ fasting is essential.  For any ‘Upwas’, food and water should be discarded for scheduled  time along with resolution, time can be a full day or from day to night. The schedule is adopted, according to the Hindu calendar.

Hindus give special significance to ‘Vrat’, although it exists in different forms in different religions. According to mythological, religious and spiritual beliefs by observing ‘Vrat’ person’s soul gets purified and his intelligence, ideas and knowledge get enriched.  The resolution power gets stronger. The main fact is that this gives the mental, verbal and physical salvation. Person observing ‘Vrat’ if happens to see his inner soul, then he also reflects devotion to God, faith and belief. Such person makes his  business stronger and strengthen the performance and skills. Thus person who keeps  ‘Vrat’ and ‘Upwas’ is filled with positive inner energy by discarding negativism and fulfills his desires with effortless ease.

By keeping ‘Upwas’, we get freedom from sins or “ Mahapap”, because we get mental, physical and spiritual peace by observing ‘Upwas’. It helps to keep us away from various diseases and we remain energetic by being healthy. That is why we have been advised to observe one ‘Upwas’ in a week, by this desires are met with ease.

Resolution Why ?

Before observing any kind of ‘Vrat’ and ‘Upwas’ resolutions are taken towards a Aradhy dev or recognized deities. It is a kind of determination towards desired fruits we want to get, along with that motif of ‘Vrat’ and ‘Upwas’ are contained in the resolution, which reflect the individual’s aspirations and diligence. This strengthens dedication and confidence towards his work, scope and methodology.

When we work single-minded with dedication we surely get the results, exactly the same thing happens in relation to ‘Vrat’, that the task which must be completed with determination is resolution. The religious ritual of any kind requires special legislation, the ritual takes place at a particular time, which is to balanced and restrained. It is exactly the same as we resolve for any practical work and plan accordingly. Let us take a look at those resolutions which are necessary for observing ‘Vrat’ and ‘Upwas’.

Wake up in the morning on the day of  ‘Vrat’ .

  1. Take resolution to achieve mental and spiritual peace i.e. take physical and mental rest during ‘Vrat’ and ‘Upwas’, avoid practicing lies, deceit and cynicism-affair.
  2. Concentrate towards the gods.
  3. 3. Do not allow food recipes come to mind for imagination.
  4. Avoid unnecessary conversation or debate. If possible, be silent during ‘Vrat’ .
  5. 5. Experience only physical fitness and positive attitude.
  6. 6. Do not allow negative behavior, such as anger, aggression, hostility, etc. come to mind.
  7. 7. Let all the ideology and thoughts to collect in mind and let burning the lamp of human welfare among them.
  8. Explain to the mind, how long being put for what before ‘Vrat’ .

How do we observe ‘Upwas’ ?

The importance of ‘Upwas’ have been described in Indian Hindu scriptures. Various festivals are incomplete without ‘Upwas’ . In religious texts this is explained not only as a method of worship of gods but has been validated for mental peace, well-being and the fulfillment of wishes. Health gives happiness and it remains constant, it is possible through restrained fast. Therefore ‘Upwas’ is not just a resolve of not having food a day or a whole day and night. Its esoteric meaning is hidden in developing the internal capacity. Let us know the things that should be taken special care for observing ‘Upwas’.

  1. Only after thorough knowledge of religious rituals, we should determine to observe and should begin with legislations such as get up in the morning on the day of ‘Upwas’, and doing routine activities prior to worship.
  2. Worship icon God like other day, then only proceeded to worship the other gods related to ‘Upwas’.

3.Completely relax your body on the day of,  Morning and evening  Pranayama is essential to increase its tolerance.

  1. Avoid talking too much during ‘Upwas’, if possible, maintain complete silence, this prevents mental sins.
  2. Avoid sleeping during day time in ‘Upwas’, doing so reduces the virtue it is believed, Touring or worship of God is the true measure, do not do the things that hurt someone’s mind and heart.

6.Do not observe Long-term ‘Nirjla Upwas’ because it can damage the body due to lack of water.

  1. In the event of lengthy periods of ‘Upwas’ reduce grain intake one or two days prior to ‘Upwas’ and eat more fruit and vegetable.
  2. Avoid eating large quantities together after fast time.
  3. During worship do not hold excessive wear, put only one cloth during Fast-worship or veneration etc.