Pic-2 The real answer to this question can only be achieved by following it religiously, as to reach to any conclusion one has to find the answer through lived experience of the facts propounded. So one should know that, this is best and ideal time in order to wake up from sleep for the benefit of physical-health, intellect, mind, soul, etc. This time nature free handed spreads enormous amount of health, wisdom, intellect, pleasure and beauty. Every pore of  the wind blowing during this time is filled with life saving eternal power. This air blows with the pious drops spread over earth by Moon during the night time. In the scriptures it is mentioned as “Veer-vayu”. The person who sacrifices his sleep and breaths this fresh air in his conscious, achieves remarkable growth in his health, beauty and his life longevity increases. The mind gets buoyant and the soul experiences a new consciousness.

Ayurveda lays down that :

वर्ण कीर्तिं मतिं लक्ष्मीं स्वास्थ्यमायुश्च विन्दति।

ब्राह्मे मुहूर्ते संजाग्रच्छियं वा पंकजं यथा।।

Varn kirtim matim laxmi swasthyamaayushcha vindti |

Brahme muhurte sanjagrachchhiyam vaa pankajam yathaa ||

Meaning – A person  who Wakes up during the Brahma Muharat (early hours) achieves divine beauty , wealth, wisdom, health, age, etc. His body resembles attractive like the lotus. Additionally after the entire night, early morning, when the sun god is about to rise, its irradiation diffuses wide in the sky. If a person after performing morning rituals attentively, sits under eternal sun god and inhales the vibrant radiation filled with incredible aurora then he becomes immortal.

Morning awakening and prosperity has a mutual bond. All the great man wake up early in the morning and the one who follow it religiously in the divine moment attain impeccable growth in their individual life, physical and intellectual advancement is eccentric. Their is no doubt regarding this. Mahatma Gandhi, everyday used to woke up early during the auspicious Brahm Muhurat and used to reply day to day letters, write  articles for newspapers and  prepare messages. There is cannot be any better appropriate time to study or to write. Mind is totally fertile during the lonely and silent atmosphere. Nervous system is freshly energetic after night sleep. A person need not to put extra effort for doing intellectual work during this moment.

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