BANNERThe Hindu religion is one of the oldest religion in the world and it has more than nine hundred million followers all over the world. Sighting Hindu temples in India is very easy, you can find Hindu temples in your area easily, however this is not easy in case of outside India. But that does not mean, Hindu temples does not exist anywhere except India. As we all know that, now a days, Indians have immigrated all over the world and various Hindu temples have been constructed, so that, they can gather together and celebrate Hindu Festivals. Not only Hindus, but other religion followers can also go there in order to find some peace.
I am making a list which concludes top ten Hindu Temples outside India, which are famous and unique as well.
PASHUPATINATH 1. PASHUPATINATH TEMPLE  :- This temple is located in Kathmandu, Nepal and is known as one of the most valuable temple of lord Mahadev or Shiva.  It is the most oldest temple there, which was constructed by Jayadeva in 743 A.D, however, in twelfth and seventeenth century, it was rebuilt due to the damages caused by arthropods. During the earthquake attack in 2015, the altar and the main temple complex was left undamaged, however, the rest of the outer buildings were damaged in the World Heritage Site.
SRI SUBRAMANIAR SWAMI 2 . SRI SUBRAMANIAR SWAMI DEVASTHANAM:- This is also a very famous temple in Malaysia and also known as Batu Caves worldwide. This temple is one hundred and sixteen years old and is devoted to the Lord Murugan.  There is also the tallest statue of Murugan at the entrance of cave, which is 42.8 meters.
BAPS SHRI SWAMINARAYAN MANDIR 3 . BAPS SHRI SWAMINARAYAN MANDIR  :- This temple is located in Atlanta, USA and is the largest temple constructed outside India, by the organization of BAPS.
This “mandir” sits on thirty acres of land and covers around three thousand square meters.  The staggering cost of the construction of this temple is 19 million dollars, and more than nine hundred volunteers and thirteen hundred craftsmen spend their time in order to put together, the stone marvels of 34,450 pieces.
ARULMIGU SRI RAJAKALIAMMAN GLASS TEMPLE 4 . ARULMIGU SRI RAJAKALIAMMAN GLASS TEMPLE :- Initially, this temple was started as a small shelter in Tebrau, Malaysia in 1992. However, later, the shelter was reconstructed in 1996 as a temple. Guru Bhagawan Sittar, who is the priest and chairman of this temple was inspired by one of a glass temple in Bangkok and further he decided to modernize the temple by using intricate glasses in order to attract more people to the temple.
RADHA MADHAV DHAM 5 . RADHA MADHAV DHAM :- This temple was established in 1990 and is known as one of the largest aashrams and Hindu temples in the United States of America. There are pictorial representations ancient Hindu scriptures teachings in two languages – Hindi and Sanskrit.

SRI VENKATESHWAR BALAJI TEMPLE 6 . SRI VENKATESHWAR BALAJI TEMPLE :-  This temple is devoted to Lord Venkateshwar in Tividale, England and was established in 23rd August, 2006. It is constructed on approximately thirty acres of land with numerous idols along with other facilities.
WAT RONG KHUN 7 . WAT RONG KHUN :- This temple is unique too, along with other temples in the list. It is also known as the “White Temple”, established in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The unconventional art have been done by a Thai artist, Chalermchai Kositpipat. The symbolism of both Hindu and Buddhist traditions are there, in the temple, along with other sectarian sources.
GANESHA TEMPLE 8 . GANESHA TEMPLE :- This temple is one of the most prominent and biggest Hindu temple in United States of America. This temple not only offered daily services but also other programmes including lectures, classes and focusing on the religion practice.
PRAMBANAN 9 . PRAMBANAN :- This temple is located in Java, Indonesia and is devoted to Trimurti, that is, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.  It was constructed by Rakai Pikatan of Mataram kingdom in 9th century. Originally, the compound consisted around 240 temples, in which, very few temples are still there now.
AFRICAN HINDU MONASTERY 10 . AFRICAN HINDU MONASTERY :- This temple is located in in Accra, Ghana and was set up by Swami Ghananand Saraswati. This is a very unique kind of temple as any of the devotees there, are not indians nor they visited India but yet, they follow all the Hindu religion and observe rituals of India.