15 BENEFITS OF SURYA NAMASKARSurya namaskar, also known as sun salutation, is a way of showing gratitude to sun. It is a set of twelve yoga postures or “asanas”, which helps in bringing mind, breath and body together. If you performed surya salutation in the morning, then it will refresh your body and mind, therefore, you will feel energetic for the rest of the day, however it can also be helpful when performed in the evening.

You will be startled to know that, by performing all twelve surya salutation postures, then you exercise each organ of your body. Let’s take a look at the health benefits of surya namaskar :-

  1. HELPS LOSE WEIGHT :- When done regularly, it can actually help in losing weight by giving you a wonderful cardiovascular workout.
  2. HELPS DETOX :- The blood in your body remains oxygenated and the lungs are well ventilated too, due to the active process of exhalation and inhalation. This helps in detoxification of your body by getting rid of toxic gases.
  3. MENTALLY ALERT :- Surya namaskar helps to increase oxygen in the blood of one’s body and also flowing to the brain, which improves mental alertness.
  4. BETTER POSTURE :- When you all twelve yoga postures of surya namaskar regularly, then it will make your posture better and then balance of your body will improve too.
  5. KEEPS ANXIETY AT BAY :- It coordinates the endocrine system of our body, specifically, thyroid glands, which helps you keep quiet and stress free.
  6. BRINGS DOWN BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS :- Some experts say that sun salutation can help in bringing down the blood sugar level. Along this, it can keep you stay away from heart diseases.
  7. REGULAR MENSTRUATION FOR WOMEN :- If women wants to promote and maintain a regular menstrual cycle then surya salutation can be really helpful for them.
  8. BETTER SLEEP :- The twelve set of postures in surya namaskar, can give you a good night sleep by keeping you calm your mind.
  9. GIVES GLOWING SKIN :- Surya namaskar can help in glowing your skin as it improves blood circulation in your body. So, if you are scared of wrinkled or radiant skin then start doing surya namaskar regularly.
  10. IMPROVES DIGESTION :- If you often suffer from constipation then sun salutation can be great for you.
  11. HELPS STRENGTHEN MUSCLES AND JOINTS :- Sun salutation is a good way in order to strengthen and stretch ligament, joints, muscles and skeletal system. It can also improve the flexibility of our spine.
  12. IMPROVED BREATHING :- With surya namaskar, the respiration system and the entire body of circulation system gets improved.
  13. HEALTHY HAIR :- This type of yoga can provide you healthy hair and reduces hair fall, dandruff and grayness.
  14. REDUCES RISK OF ARTHRITIS :- As it is wonderful for limbs and joints, thus, there are fewer chances of having arthritis.

15. HEALTHY ORGANS :- Sun salutation can help in making your organs healthy and thus, your entire body will be fit