20 INDIAN CELEBRITIES WHO ARE VEGETARIANIndia is one of the top nation in which there are large number of vegetarian followers as compared to rest of the countries. However there are also people in other countries who believed that, they can have a longer and healthier life by being a vegetarian. However, this article is focused on only Indian celebrities who follow vegetarianism. Now, let’s take a moment to look at Indian celebrities who are vegetarian which are as follows:-

  1. APJ Abdul Kalam: – Everyone knows him; he was the 11th President of India, 2002-07. You might be astonished to know that, how can someone vegetarian, even though he is a Muslim. But this is right, he is a vegetarian since his childhood. However, initially he became one, due to financial problems but later on, became vegetarian as a habit.
  2. Narendra Modi :-  He is currently serving as India’s Prime Minister and  he was named as hottest vegetarian celebrity by PETA of 2014.  He is a pure vegetarian who has never  touched non vegetarian food in his whole life.
  3. Amitabh Bachchan: – He is one of the finest actors in Bollywood and has been considered as one of the hottest celebrity by PETA in 2012.
  4. Vidya Balan: – She is another famous celebrity from Bollywood and has been named too, by PETA as one of the hottest  celebrity of 2012. She says that adopting a vegetarian diet increased her metabolism which resulted in weight loss.
  5. Shashi Tharoor: – He is an Indian Politician and was Minister of State for Human Resource Development in 2012-14. He was also elected twice as MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He also suggested an idea, in order to show his vegetarianism, of declaring 12th January as “No Meat Day”.
  6. Aamir Khan :- He is named as “Mr. Perfectionist” in bollywood but his biggest turn point in life was ,when he turned vegan at the age of 50. He was shown a one hour presentation by his family doctor about 15 common diseases and how diet can affect one’s health.
  7. Rekha: – She is the “Umrao Jaan” of Bollywood and has been named as the hottest celebrity by PETA along Narendra Modi in 2014. She says that adopting a vegetarian diet can actually change perception of life.
  8. Mallika Shehrawat: – She is one of the hottest actress of Bollywood and was listed as one of the hottest celebrity by PETA in 2011.
  9. Shahid Kapoor: – He is one of the talented actors in Bollywood. He was listed as one of the sexiest celebrity in Asia, by a poll which was conducted by PETA.
  10. John Abraham: – He was a successful model before and now an actor in Bollywood. He loves animals and even campaigned for wearing nothing but a garland of peas and onions.
  11. Ayesha Takia: – She is an Indian actor and her respect and love towards animals is the main reason that he chose to be a vegan. In fact, she has done an advertisement of PETA, in order to motivate people to eat vegan diet.
  12. R Madhavan: – This Indian actor is too, a dedicated animal lover and is a vegan. He has also shot a video in which he urges people to stop violence against animals.
  13. Hema Malini: – “Dream Girl” of Bollywood, is too, a strict vegetarian. She has shown her love towards animals by opposing animal cruelty and adopts vegetarianism.
  14. Neha Dhupia: – She is an Indian actor and former Miss India. She has been named as sexiest vegetarian of India in 2009 by PETA.
  15. Sonu Sood: – An Indian actor who proudly says that he is a vegetarian. He knows the advantages of being a vegetarian and even encourages people to do so.
  16. Kangna Ranaut :-She is a talented bollywood actress and has been following a strict non-vegetarian diet all her life. She turned vegetarian when she shifted in Mumbai and believes that there is a great positive change in her lifestyle after turning into vegetarian.
  17. Anushka Sharma :- This famous bollywood actress quit non veg food because of her pet dog, who doesn’t like the smell of meat. Thus, she decided to turn follow vegetarianism for good.
  18. Virender Sehwag :- He is an Indian cricket player and is one of the most fabulous and record breaking cricketer. He has a strong and bulky body built but you will be surprised to know that he is a pure vegetarian.
  19. Mukesh Ambani :- Yes, you have heard it right, the wealthiest man of India is a strict vegetarian, too due to his love toward animals.
  20. Lakshmi Mittal :-  This famous business tycoon surprised the world when he revealed that he is a strict vegetarian and he took over the habits of following natural food diet from his father, Mohan Mittal