21 AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS OF REGULAR EXERCISEEverybody thinks about a slim, fit and toned up  body and getting it, is not too difficult. All you needs to spend only 30 minutes on your body.  Regular exercise makes you fit, tones up your muscles and saves you from many diseases.  In today’s scenario most of the people with sitting jobs have to sit for several hours in one position, which gives them back pain and a stiff body.  Regular exercise definitely helps them to reduce the risk of back pain and body ache. Doing exercise has a  lot of benefits which you cannot ignore.

  1. During exercise your muscles release hormones which help you to reduce the fat and it also improves your immune system.
  2. Aerobics reduces the risk of diabetes, it clears the sugar from blood and it is the natural way to burn the fat.
  3. 30 minutes daily exercise will rejuvenate your body, tone up your muscles and prepare  you for the next 24 hours and keep you active for the whole day.
  4. Cycling, swimming and sports are also beneficial. Outdoor games in the morning help you to maintain a fit body and you get fresh air of the morning which refreshes you.
  5. Doing the morning exercises on the green grass is the best idea or looking at the grass also increases your eye sight.
  6. Walking daily for a few minutes reduces the risk of cardiovascular problem and it keeps your body active also.
  7. Brisk walking lowers the risk of obesity by 5%. Throughout the day after few hours gap you should go for a walk.
  8. Walking is very beneficial for diabetic patients and it can change their life by solving many of their problems.
  9. Exercise helps to increase your metabolism and keep your body active, fit and your muscles toned up.
  10. Regular exercise increases the memory and the learning power. It strengthens your brain and helps to keep your mind stress free.
  11. Exercise or walk increases your stamina and you find yourself more active. If you don’t want to do any exercise or feel it boring, only 30 minutes walk every morning is enough to stay healthy.
  12. Daily workout improves your immune system. It gives your body stamina to fight diseases. The workout or the walking reduces the risk of getting sick more frequently.
  13. Exercise reduces the risk of many diseases like obesity, diabetes and depression and these are the factors which create problem in sleeping. These exercises help in proper sleep.
  14. These days we are listening about osteoporosis which is affecting more people. In early age people are suffering with the bone problems. Regular exercise keeps your bone healthy and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  15. No doubt that exercise relieves all stresses and tensions. It keeps your mind free from negative thinking.
  16. Exercise may help to keep your BP level under control. Regular exercise decreases the BP in obese people without reducing their weight.
  17. Daily exercise reduces the risk of strokes and people after 40 years of age who do regular exercise have the lower risk of strokes compared to those who do not
  18. Regular exercise reduces the risk of muscles pain or pain that arises due to stretching.
  19. Physical exercise lowers the risk of gastrointestinal and solves the problem of constipation.
  20. Workout for 30 minutes lowers the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s and so many other diseases.
  21. Doing exercise keeps your body active and reduces the risk of injury compared to other people.

If you want to stay healthy and fit don’t waste your time, start your day with exercise.  Always keep in mind if you have life, you have world.

( Kanchan Rastogi )