TOP 21 HEALTH BENEFITS OF MINDFULNESS MEDITATIONThe meditation has been used for centuries to get rid of anxiety, tension, and stress and to get a calm and balanced mind. You can say, the meditation is related to spirituality. During the meditation your mind forgets about the physical and material world and you concentrate on the one divine power which relaxes your mind and body. It gives you instant energy to fulfill your tasks very efficiently.

  1. The meditation relaxes mind and increases your concentration and thus you become more efficient in work and perform better in routine work.
  2. It helps you to build confidence, because during the meditation you meet calmly with your inner self and it becomes easy for you to improve yourself.
  3. By the meditation you get free mind which helps you to think more creatively and complete tasks in a better way.
  4. The meditation reduces stress and prepares your mind to face everyday challenges in a lighter way.
  5. The meditation balances your mind and you feel better and it also provides you with a clear thinking towards your life by keeping your mind stress free.
  6. Practicing of the meditation daily enhances your immune system and gives you a healthy and strong body.
  7. The meditation also helps to reduce the level of cholesterol, lowers the risk of heart diseases and improves your blood circulation.
  8. Practice of the meditation regularly balances your calorie intake and prepares you for physical activities.
  9. The meditation is a good treatment to get rid of headaches and migraine.
  10. The meditation not only gives you a stress free mind and rejuvenates you but also gives you a positive attitude by which one can get a healthy body.
  11. Daily practicing of the meditation makes a person less reactive and more patience it means the person can maintain better and long lasting relationships.
  12. The meditation improves one’s sleeping and it totally relaxes your mind and body. You are able to sleep properly.
  13. The meditation improves the attention of a person; he acts more quickly than before.
  14. It helps to reduce the problem of depression, allergies, asthama and many other ailments.
  15. It increases acceptance. You better accepts yourself as well as others and you are able to maintain a balanced social life.
  16. The meditation strengthens you physically as well as mentally and it also reduces the risk of hypertension.
  17. During the meditation your mind trying to go to isolation where you can experience the power of the god and your inner self enables you to feel a different feeling.
  18. The meditation provides a deep relaxation of mind and prepares you for innovative and valuable thinking by which you are able to do your work more creatively and positively.
  19. Doing the meditation in early morning get you so many benefits. You feel energetic, stress free and rejuvenated for the whole day.
  20. The meditation removes negativity from your life and prepares you to accept day to day experiences in a more positive way.
  21. You better understand yourself and others, during the meditation it changes your perspective.

 The meditation has so many benefits which are absolutely free and you need to spend only 15-20 minutes daily.  So making the meditation a part of your life may give you better physical, mental and spiritual benefits and also you get better relationships than before. Practice the meditation under an expert supervision and then performing independently may be a better idea.

( Kanchan Rastogi )