week days In an English month, all seven days of four weeks are generally ruled by nine planets. As, the sun on Sunday, the moon on Monday, Mars and Rahu on Tuesday, Mercury on Wednesday, Jupiter on Thursday, Venus on Friday and Saturn and Ketu on Saturday are mentors, i.e. the names of the planets are the names of days.

The day in the West starts at midnight, while the day begins from sunrise in Indian Vedic system. The day means sunrise in Vedic astrology, duration from sunrise to sunset is called a day. Some scholars while dividing this duration in 60 parts named each part Ghari , Ghanti or Ghantika.  As other scholars divided that into 24 parts, and named each part the Ghanta (hour). ‘Surydev’ (Sun) is considered as the king of the planets worldwide (excluding Islam). The mentor of the day impacts person`s daily activities and accordingly leads to the fruit. As the sun enhances person`s physical energy and gives structural effect to the body language and the Moon effects mind and Guru shows religious and spiritual feelings. The tasks done, keeping these facts in mind gets completed effortlessly, are also beneficial.

That, the week is considered only man-made system but we should not ignore its religious importance, by adopting this we get inner satisfaction and improve feasibility at work. It is believed that diseases and other problems get eliminated by adopting normal measures on this day. Days related Upwas ( Fasting ) for mental, physical and spiritual peace is also helpful in getting rid of all kinds of diseases. Therefore each person must be fasting one day a week according to his deeds.

SUNDAY:Fasting on this day has special significance. This leads to good health and spirit and we get the benefits of the sun effects. For happiness and prosperity in life, and safety from enemies and all sorts of wishes get fulfilled by Sunday Upwas (Fasting) and hearing the story of ‘Ravivar Vrat Katha’. To get rid of Leprosy disease this ‘Upwas’ is very important.

MONDAY:Whose nature is poignant and becomes angry on common things, they can get the benefits of Monday ‘Upwas’(Fasting) . The Moon is the lord of this day and the Sun, Earth and Moon are in such position that they give us peace.

TUESDAY:Victims of planet Mars (Mangal) get miraculously  affected by the “Mangal Upwas” and worshiping Lord Hanuman on this day.

WEDNESDAY:We observe day fast in the name of Lord Ganesha to remove the mental weakness and get spiritual realization. Sri Ganesha is honored as the god of wisdom and Wednesday is a day to develop intellect.

THURSDAY:This day relates to the brain because its owner is Jupiter who is considered gods’ Guru. Fasting on this day enhances good and positive thoughts, academic excellence and mental strength. Observing fast on Thursday strengthens mind.

FRIDAY:This day represents wealth, pleasure, appearance, love and reproduction, its owner Venus can be pleased through ‘Upwas’ and ‘Vrat’. ‘Upwas’ on this day results not only in increased spirit, bravery and beauty but also the problems of premature ejaculation and diabetes disease get cured.

SATURDAY:To remove many sorrows, troubles and obstacles coming in the work, and to benefit observe fast the name of the Lord Saturn on this day. Lord Shani inspires the person during the ordeal for following rules.