HOW TO USE THE FIVE ELEMENTS TO ATTRACT MONEY, GROWTH AND SUCCESSPANCHABHUTA or five elements are very important in our life. For the Hindus these five elements incorporated the universe. The Akash (Space), the Vayu (Air), the Agni (Fire), the Jal(Water) and the Bhumi (Earth) these five elements not only give us meaning of our life, the universe and the nature but these also had a lot more for us. Like fire, wave, water they does not mean only for what they are but they also mean movement, change and improvement. If we deeply go through these five elements, we will  find that when we relate these elements with the nature, they are very helpful. When we study them as the vaastu or relate with our  moon sign, they give us a way to move towards a positive life or in our profession. These elements are also going to take us to a trophy of success and growth if we take them as our guide.

Akash (Space):     The Galaxy exists under the Akash (space), it has light, heat and a gravitational force. The Akash has no limits or you can’t find its edges. It is a source of huge energy and radiation.

Vayu (Air):  The  Vaayu or the Air available on the earth is a mixture of different gases.  These gases include Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon-Dioxide, Helium, dust particles, humidity and vapour in certain proportions. The atmosphere contains 21% Oxygen and 78% Nitrogen. The Oxygen is essential for human beings and the Nitrogen for plants.

Agni (Fire): The Agni or the fire is  essential for us, without it we can’t imagine life. It is the agni which gives our body the power of digestion.

Jal (Water):  70% of our body is full of water, now you can imagine the importance of the water for us. The water is a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen (2:1).  It is also linked with our senses of taste, touch, sight and hearing.

Bhumi (Earth): The Bhumi or the Earth give us shelter  in her lap. We have sympathy with the Earth.  It has gravitational and magnetic force and also revolves around the Sun.  It rotates on its axis from the west to the east causing the day and the  night.

Let us find out how these five elements can help us to attract money, growth and success?

We have explained above about the five elements, the panchabhuta. These five elements also relate to the vastu. We all know that the vastu also helps us to get happiness, wealth and success. By keeping in mind some simple things, you can achieve your goal through the panchabhuta. The whole universe is made of these five elements and so is our body. The Vastu teaches us  to live in balance and harmony. Each of these five elements are related to the natural forces.

Akash : Space

Vaayu: Wind Intensity

Agni: Solar radiation

Jal: Gravitational Attraction of the Earth

Bhumi: Magnetic Field of the Earth

Each of these elements affects your moon sign and according to them you can choose your profession  to achieve your goal.

The Sky is universal and it affects the moon signs directly. The people are affected by it or the natives of sky should choose their profession according this element for a success in life.

The Air influences the moon signs of the  Gemini, the Libra and the Aquarius. It relates to intellectuality so the people influenced by the air can be good astrologers, advisors, lawyers, writers, scientists and accountants.

The Fire rule over the moon signs of the Aries, the Leo and the Sagittarius. It gives energy to the natives. The person influenced by the fire element may get success in Engineering, politics or can be surgeon or social activist.

The Water element is related to moon signs the Cancer, the Scorpion and the Pisces. The persons of this element  live beyond material objects and think at the mental level. The people of this sign can be good thinkers, sailors and shipping business is also a good option for them.

The Earth represents the stability and the moon signs influenced by earth are the Tauras, the Virgo and the Carpricon. The people of this element can choose their profession as administration, civil services and agriculture.

The panchbhoota is not only affects our body and soul both it also help us in many ways. As you see the five elements are also related to our moon signs and affects them. They assist to improve our career and also helps to get growth and success in life.

( Kanchan Rastogi )