LOVE MARRIAGES WITHOUT KUNDLI MATCHINGIt is well said that couples are made in the heaven. From our childhood to adulthood we meet so many people, we make friends of our choice. One person in our life meets us and became important than others even our parents or sisters, brother etc. We are talking about marriage and the person we meet changes our life forever. In the Hindus, traditional way of marriage is still prevailing in many families like kundli matching. But this is only essential for arranged marriage. When we talk about the love marriage of a  boy and a girl then it hardly matters to match kundlis.  Love marriage based upon mutual affection and attraction. Whereas the arranged marriage arranged by other people after matching kundli or mangal dosh etc.

In the arranged marriage people consider kundlis and it is said that for a successful marriage gun-milan is necessary. Out of 36 gunas a minimum of 18 guna should match of girl and boy for a successful marriage. On the other side the rest of the factors are ignored if more than 18 gunas meet. Kundli matching is to know the excellence of married life and compatibility between them. It is also to know if one horoscope shows divorce then good match can cancel this.

The Kundli Milan is necessary to see most of the things like compatibility, physical, mental and spiritual level of two people. Because people are unknown to each other before and after marriage they are going to spend their whole life with each other. By matching kundlis the astrologer finds about their nature and mental or physical tendencies. When we talk about love marriage it is not necessary to check kundlis of both. Here they know each other and had a long relationship for a year or several years. They know each other very well and of course, they are compatible that is why their relationship is going on. In this case the only reason to check the kundlis is to see if there is any chance for divorce. Even if kundli does not match, it is their choice to keep relationship based on mutual understanding. If they have problem with the horoscope then there are many other ways to solve the problem by doing anushthana or sadhana. There are also many people whose horoscope does not match but they are living happily.

The Horoscope may help you to choose the better one for you and most of the time you pay attention to the combinations. But it is also possible to get diamond without seeing horoscope because you never know what will you get or when. It is also seen  in most of the cases that people get married under the parents pressure and face problems afterwards even where kundli matching is done before marriage. On the other hand there are people living a happy life and who never saw kundli etc. It is only your luck.

Is it necessary to match kundlis for love marriage, obviously not, but to know about the life after marriage, you have to match your kundlis. In love marriage, you don’t need to check your compatibility by visiting a pandit. You are in a relationship because you both are compatible physically and mentally. That is only to know about the children and how will be the life span of both partners. It is only upto you what you want to do exactly after knowing all the things whether you want to carry forward you relationship depending on you love and affection.

( Kanchan Rastogi )