NATURALIZE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: 15 HEALTHY FOOD ITEMS TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMFoods plays an important role to keep us healthy and fit. There are lots of natural fruits, vegetables and other dairy products available for us whom gives us calcium, vitamins and other nutrients. You can stay healthy by taking balanced diet but first you need to improve your immunity without a better immune system, otherwise you will face difficulty in digestion.


YOGHURT : boost your immune system1. YOGHURT : Regular intake of yoghurt keeps your immune system healthy. It contains probiotics which helps the body to fight against disease.  It also reduces the risk of infections. Include yoghurt in your daily diet, it will boost your immune system, strengthen your bones and is also good for skin.


VITAMIN C FOODS : improve your immune system2. VITAMIN C FOOD : Orange, lemon and grapes are natural immunity boosters. Vitamin C rich foods contains antioxidants which help  to protect your immune cells against harmful compounds. In common cold you can take Vitamin C rich food to get better more quickly. Vitamin C foods lower the risk of infections and improve you immune system. The other sources of vitamin c are  guava , dark leafy greens, tomatoes and papaya.


GARLIC : always helps to reduce the risk of infections3. GARLIC : Garlic always helps to reduce the risk of infections.  Garlic has antimicrobial and antiviral properties which help to fight infections. Garlic is effective in lowering BP, blood sugar, serum cholesterol and boosts the immune system.  You can eat garlic by using in your cooked food and if  after crushing you keep it for 10 minutes its effects will increase.  Two cloves of Garlic in the morning with water boost your immune system.


BERRIES : antimicrobial properties4. BERRIES : This is a plant with the antimicrobial properties. It contains a good amount of Vitamin C and has immune boosting properties. It reduces the viral or bacterial infections.


SWEET POTATO : a powerful Vitamin for immune boosting5. SWEET POTATO : It is also a good food which improves the immune system. It is rich in Beta Carotene, a powerful Vitamin for immune boosting. Sweet Potato is good for skin.


BROCCOLI : the healthiest vegetable6. BROCCOLI : Broccoli is full of vitamins and minerals. We find vitamin A, C and E in Broccoli. It is the healthiest vegetable to include in your diet. It improves immunity and   naturally prevent the body from illness.


NUTS AND SEEDS : rich in nutrients7. NUTS AND SEEDS : Nuts and seeds no doubt are rich in nutrients. They are full of selenium, copper, vitamins, and zinc. Nuts and seeds play an important role to improve the immune system. The daily intake of this food  gives you healthy immunity.


POMEGRANATE : increase your hemoglobin8. POMEGRANATE : Pomegranate has healthy nutrients. It is a good fruit to increase your haemoglobin and has anti microbial properties which cures diseases.  The juice of pomegranate is very effective and improves  immunity.


KIWI : anti- oxidants9. KIWI : Kiwi Vitamin C rich foods are helpful to improve the immune system. Kiwi is full of anti- oxidants  which have the capacity to reduce the effects of cancer causing free radicals.  Eating Kiwi fruits thrice  a week improves  immunity.


TURMERIC : improves brain’s oxygen intake10. TURMERIC : Turmeric has  many medicinal prosperities. It heals wounds and is good for skin also. Turmeric with milk and honey helps to boost the immune system and also improves brain’s oxygen intake.


WATERMELON : helps to reduce the infection and inflammation11. WATERMELON : Watermelon is full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and has lycopene which gives it red color. Watermelon helps to reduce the infection and inflammation. Because of Vitamin C it  boost the immune system.


GREEN VEGETABLES : to improve better the immune system12. GREEN VEGETABLES : Green vegetables are always a better option to stay fit and healthy. Green leafy vegetables are rich in Iron and also provide the body several nutrients. Spinach, Mustered and green onion are a good option to improve better the immune system.


WHEAT GRASS JUICE : to improve better the immune system13. WHEAT GRASS JUICE : Normally we don’t listen about the wheat grass but it has  many health benefits. Daily intake of one glass of wheat grass juice not only improves your digestion but also gives the better immunity.


ALMONDS : powerful antioxidant14. ALMONDS : Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and is a powerful antioxidant which boosts  immune system. You can add almonds in your daily diet. You can eat them plain or add them to cereal, oatmeal.


FISH : boost immune system15. FISH :If you are a non vegetarian, fish can be a good option to improve immunity. Different types of fish have the nutrients to boost  immune system. The shellfish such as crabs and oysters help the body to produce the cytokines which helps to remove viruses from the body.

There are several ways to improve immune system. Many people has week immunity should know about the food which helps to improve the immune system. Adding these foods in  daily diet may help you to get better immune system and improves your health.

( Kanchan Rastogi )