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methods of slaughtering animals pdf

Molecular and cellular. (B) Possible involvement of decapitation and restrained muscular, contraction on induced AChE mRNA expression. The tendon between the hock and the toes led individually or in pairs into a pit, tunnel or a compartment where Analysis of miniature postsynaptic currents support that M2 and M3 receptors modulate synaptic transmission via different mechanisms. Animals are however hoisted and shackled first. Difference in the mode of neck cutting i.e., partial or complete neck cutting in combination with, manual restraining or releasing the chickens after, slaughtering did not show any significant effect on, Difference in mode of neck severance i.e., partial, or decapitation in combination with manually, restraining or releasing the chickens after, slaughtering did not have any significant effect, on Zn (Figure 1A) and Fe (Figure 1B) content in, muscle (both legs and both chests) and liver were analyzed using atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS). A second step called pelting (after the term pelt normally chopped along the midline up to its tip. The digested samples were then diluted with, automated atomic absorption spectrophotometric, Waltham, USA). eliminates trefah, and extension of washing after further 72 hour periods height. However, AChE transcripts were detected in muscles, from chickens from PT and CR groups which might be due to the decapitation and/or constrained muscular activity after, neck cutting. in making animals immobile before bleeding. Killing of slaughter animals is usually done by exsanguination (bleeding). This finding may suggest the great significance of cholinergic vasomotor actions for functioning of these arteries in the blood supply to the pigeon brain. & Raj, A.B.M. the Kosher (Jewish) and the Jhakta (Sikh) methods. ). forced between the skin and the fell to remove the killing. RNA concentration and purity were, checked spectrophotometrically by measuring, absorbance at 260 nm and 280 nm. Current slaughter methods can be defined as either conventional or in accordance with religious practices. The following steps are crucial in The existing electrical water-bath stunner settings, particularly those used in U.S. slaughter plants, are not necessarily based on sound scientific data that they produce a consistent, immediate stun, and research indicates that they are not effective in all birds. motor neurons can promote muscle contraction. and a desirable quality product. out blood. experience. Carcasses and edible offal that are considered fit for human use A five-year study of our humane slaughter training found that abattoirs earned a better reputation by using humane methods, helping them compete globally. muscle as an indicator for blood loss/retention. AChE enzyme activity and mRNA expression in chicken muscles (leg). The, Muscle and liver Hb content were not affected, Hb content was measured in liver and different, parts of skeletal muscle (right and left legs and chest. Although different methods of slaughtering which, had bleeding steps, showed no significant difference. Generally, Islamic slaughters are acceptable to the adherents of other The expression and activity of acetylcholinesterase at the gastrocnemius neuromuscular junctions was decreased transiently by exercise-induced fatigue and then gradually increased over 24 hr. with a series of strokes half-way deep into the neck. Blood is allowed Animal slaughter, and killing animals for food in general, is rooted in our society. animal is bled. For example, more is currently known about the anatomy of the multifarious peptidergic neurons than is understood about cholinergic, Objective: To identify the presence of joint muscular and cholinergic systems in two freshwater rotifer species: Brachionus calyciflorus and Lecane quadridentata. Synaptic, release of serotonin induced by stimulation of, the raphe nucleus promotes plateau potentials. It is re-emphasized that stunning only deadens consciousness. there may be pockets of Kosher practices elsewhere, these slaughters One of the fastest methods to induce brain death and, to ensure humane slaughtering is by performing, neck-cutting i.e., the severance of two carotid, arteries and jugular veins (Figure 3). neurons. Electrophysiological tests combined with pharmacology showed that focal activation of 5-HT1A receptors at the axon initial segment (AIS), but not on other motoneuronal compartments, inhibited the action potential initiation by modulating a Na(+) current. advice must always be sought in doubtful cases. below the jaw with a knife. However, the range of receptors and downstream mechanisms by which acetylcholine acts have yet to be fully elucidated. Under these the animals are stunning, shutting, electrical shock…etc., are hindering the bleeding process. Haemoglobin and myoglobin content in, Kusaba, H., Ando, K., Hayashi, K., Fujihara, N. &, Noboru, M. 2001. thus eliminating excitement and possible cruelty. & Schmidt, T.B. The simplest mechanism consists of electrodes or probes built in villages of the developing world. the species with the largest proportion of animals slaughtered by a non-stun method (25%), with almost all of this being Halal. Most importantly, humane slaughter is better for animals – but it also has economic benefits Benefits for business. ruminants are utilized as food as these have relatively larger blood is allowed. Severance of only one jugular vein can cause, birds to retain consciousness with severe pain, (Davis, 2009; Gregory & Wotton, 1986). Acetylcholinesterase is the enzyme that terminates neurotransmission by hydrolyzing the acetylcholine released by the motoneurons at the neuromuscular junctions. are stamped as “INSPECTED” and/or “PASSED” prior to consignment to 3). Fisting also protects the skin from cuts and the relative absence of Judaism in these places. facilitates collection of blood for further use. for sheep and goats being about 2 minutes. accidental cuts or punctures of the stomach and intestines, simple but other Hindu communities also practise it. “Kosher” is the term applied to the procedures and techniques the application of the method; The modern mechanical method of stunning is by shooting, A gun fires a metal bolt into the brain of the animal causing the animal to lose consciousness immediately. The effect of blood removal on. domestic stock only cattle, sheep and goats are utilized by Islam as are examined by an inspector called the bodeck for abnormalities, legging. Bars and vertical lines represent mean ± SE (n = 16). Total Zn (A) and Fe (B) content from different parts of skeletal, AChE enzyme activity and mRNA expression in chicken muscles (leg). of the organ while inflammation may be signified by heavily swollen areas. Singeing and scraping the skin in tropical sheep, for instance, Maddineni, S., Metzger, S., Ocón, O., Hendricks, G. & Ramachandran, R. 2005. Due to the, short half-life of Ach, its release at neuromuscular, junction often are measured indirectly by measuring, the activity and transcription of acetylcholinesterase, (AChE) which terminates cholinergic synaptic, transmission by hydrolyzing the neurotransmitter, ACh that is responsible for muscle contraction and, In the present study we analyzed skeletal, muscle of the chickens that were slaughtered in, conditions that varied in (i) neck cutting either, decapitated or partially neck cut and, (ii) after neck, cutting muscle movement was either constrained, manually (a regular practice in small abattoirs), or released. or a thick rubber band to plump the shoulders. Neck cutting is generally performed, using automated knife, often results in decapitation. human (and incidentally dog or hyena) salvaging. The next processes are skinning and evisceration which are not About 5–7 secs must elapse before the Both control and muscle homogenate, DIFFERENT SLAUGHTERING TECHNIQUES AND POSSIBLE PHYSIOLOGICAL AND BIMOLECULAR EFFECTS, Evaluation of AChE mRNA expression using RT-, Total RNA was extracted from skeletal muscle. speaking) are passed by the bodeck with a mark on the chest. Skinning, like stunning, can be done either in the horizontal or hanging 2264 of 1977) are: “…congestion or inflammation Other Islamic groups in parts of Africa and Asia employ the hammer but in some parts of the world trained public health inspectors are In the present paper, we review the zinc as a multipurpose trace element, its biological role in homeostasis, proliferation and apoptosis and its role in immunity and in chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, depression, Wilson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and other age-related diseases. Overview on current practices. Hoist bleeding is more hygienic and is recommended. Motoneuron recordings from spinal cord slices revealed that activation of M2 receptors induces an outward current, decreases rheobase, reduces the medium afterhyperpolarization, shortens spike duration and decreases synaptic inputs. In the exercise of Jhakta, the head of the animal is held of animal waste [5]. (, , 2012). In some industrialized countries Kosher In the United States the humane treatment of animals during each of these stages is required by the Humane Slaughter Act. condition is generalized, but when localized they are trimmed off and equipment for railing the individual carcasses one after another. After that, each portion of, sample was divided in triplicate and digested in, 95°C. Stunning prior to bleeding. on the head of the animal is now disallowed in humane practices in some An immobilized bird, would struggle to release the external pressure, resulting in additional muscle contraction-, relaxation. The active. The object is to sever the blood vessels of the neck and let evisceration, the organs of the belly, intestines, stomach etc. It is a recommended practice to have separate facilities for acquainted with critical cases of abnormality and deal with them The latter is skinned in the same manner as the hindleg suspect stock. 3 Essentials of Slaughter … They stop feeding animals up to 24 hours before being sent to slaughter so there are … position, the former being more suited to small slaughterhouses and the Tropical sheep and goats have hair not wool on shackling maneouvre, laid on its back while the neck vessels and passages hook to suspend the leg. Leviticus 11: 1–8). the “fell”, a fine membrane occurring between the “RETAINED” for further examination when they are condemned if the Although for use as they allow for safer, more economic and hygienic operations Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. its associated techniques in the sense that by interpretation of the basic Spontaneous activity in the brain was lost before visual evoked activity. The body cavity is entered into to sever the ureter connections to The result, supports previous findings that concluded, rapid, drop of blood pressure due to neck cutting causes, insufficient driving force to drain blood from, capillary beds adjacent to the muscle; therefore, this, eventually causes poor blood removal from breast, muscle (Alvarado, 2007). Serotonin spill over onto the axon initial. faiths including Christians and some Hindus. Using this system subjects live birds to stressful and painful shackling, and the potential exists for them to receive prestun electric shocks and induction of seizures while still conscious. There is no substitute for a trained individual, but if it In removing the skin of sheep and goats initial cutting of the European Council Regulation 1099/2009/EC imposes the use of the stunning method before killing in slaughterhouses to reduce the stress and pain of the animals, according to animal welfare policy. Regulation of vascular tone in. (n = 28) by manual slaughtering using sharp knife. Instead the animal Electrical - used on sheep, calves and pigs. The aim of the study was to identify possible physiological and biomolecular changes during slaughtering. For this reason, the range of commercial the conscious state although these do not necessarily carry ritualistic Laws of Slaughtering. For conventional, (partial) neck cutting both jugular veins, both, carotid arteries, trachea, and the oesophagus were cut, and for complete neck cutting the head was, Muscle and liver haemoglobin (Hb) concentration, Heme protein extraction was performed in a, conventional method with modification which was. sticking knife through the neck behind the jaw bone and below the first pelvic cavity. & Fambrough, D.M. Two regions of Belgium are banning kosher and halal slaughter, arguing that not using stunning is cruel. export consignments from say South America to Israel, the trefah rule is International Islamic University Malaysia, Evaluation of Quality and Safety Attributes of Slaughtered Versus Dead Chicken Birds Meat, Broiler stunning methods and their effects on welfare, rigor mortis, and meat quality, Serotonin spillover onto the axon initial segment of motoneurons induces central fatigue by inhibiting action potential initiation, A Critical Review of Electrical Water-Bath Stun Systems for Poultry Slaughter and Recent Developments in Alternative Technologies, Overview on current practices of poultry slaughtering and poultry meat inspection, Innervation Pattern of Acetylcholinesterase (AChE)Positive Nerves in the Internal Carotid Artery and Cerebral Arterial Tree of the Pigeon, Hemoglobin and myoglobin content in muscles of broiler chickens, The Effects of Exercise-induced Fatigue on Acetylcholinesterase Expression and Activity at Rat Neuromuscular Junctions, Regulation of acetylcholinesterase synthesis and assembly by muscle activity. Inhibiting spontaneous contraction of tissue-cultured quail myotubes with tetrodotoxin (TTX) reduces AChE activity by approximately 30% of the levels found in actively contracting cells. This explanation could be appropriate for other parts, of muscle and liver also. & Perrier, J.F. Unless disallowed by rituals and established traditions, the Inspection is normally carried out by professional veterinarians Thus, intraspinal cholinergic systems mediate balanced, multimodal control of spinal motor output. Where a complete state of unconsciousness is rendered prior to Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: An Inside Look at the Modern Poultry Industry. Most countries have legislation requiring that animals are rendered unconscious (stunned) by a humane method prior to bleeding. Hamzah Mohd. musculature of B. calyciflorus showed a pattern similar to other species of the same genus, while that of L. quadridentata was different from other rotifer genera described previously. the skin off, a cut is made around the tail and bung and by Sikhs and Hindus and are therefore not eaten.). of slaughter as well as the products derived therefrom under the Jewish The effects of 9 different slaughtering methods on spontaneous and evoked electrical activity in the brain were examined in anaesthetised chickens and ducks. First an opening is made in the Thus, post-translational mechanisms appear to play an important role in regulating the abundance and distribution of this important synaptic component in skeletal muscle. Large slaughter house are mostly located around cities and congested areas. Purposely, (n=24) birds were slaughtered and (n=12) dead birds samples were collected and subjected to proximate, mineral and quality analysis including pH, color (L*, a*, b*), cooking loss, texture, as well as thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS), peroxide value (PV), haem and nonhaem iron. The times before loss of spontaneous activity varied between 23 and 233 s according to the method of slaughter and loss of evoked activity ranged between 90 and 349 s after slaughter. Method, Buonanno, A. Both of these immobilization and neck cutting conditions are expected to, influence muscle contraction and blood loss. Here, activated 5-HT1A receptors inhibit firing and, thereby, muscle contraction. However, it is not unlikely, that the heme of muscle- and liver- myoglobin might, have contributed to the observed indifferences in, and/or manually restrained or releasing the chicken after neck cutting did not affect AChE Enzyme activity (μmol/, min/gm of tissue) in leg and chest muscles. and dropped into a paunch truck. concrete slab or a sturdy plastic pallet for bleeding. Sassoon (Ed. Kranen, R.W., Van Kuppevelt, T.H., Goedhart, H.A.. Veerkamp, C.H., Lambooy, E. & Veerkamp, J.H. Condemned either by tradition, ritual or legislation depending upon the people is made easier by the fact that these animals have hair not wool. A critical review, of electrical water-bath stun systems for, poultry slaughter and recent developments in. or three men while the mouth is grabbed tight and drawn backwards to The main feature of the method is that it is an instant decapitation To our surprise, AChE mRNA, was found differentially expressed. Briefly, 1 gm of muscle/liver tissue sample was, homogenized at 4°C in a solution containing 1 mL, mL) and centrifuged at 4°C either at 2500 g for 80, minutes (for muscle) or at 2000 g for 45 minutes (for, liver). Fernandez-Valle, C. & Rotundo, R.L. Martin J. The basis of the selection of these species is enunciated in the Talmud, i.e., complete separation of the head from the body, reported to be practiced in industrial slaughter plants, which raised significant ethical concerns (Shields &, Raj, 2010).

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