PLACE OF WORSHIP ( POOJA GHAR ) IN HOUSEWorshiping is a way to enhance our non-physical approach and make our goddess happy  at home, fulfilling our wishes. So while designing and planning a house, it is rather important to create a separate room, or at least a place of Idol and Worship of god ( pooja ghar ). This place of idol and worship, which is mostly known as worship room  ( Pooja ghar ) provides positive energy to the residents. This room is also used for meditation and worship in order to energies the soul, mind and body, which ultimately results in enhanced happiness, peace and success. So this room should be designed carefully. If it is in wrong direction, then no matter how much meditation you do, you will not feel calm and peaceful. There are certain rules which one must follow before the commencement of designing a worship room { Puja ghar }. This direction is also known as Eshyan because the head of Vaastu Purush comes here in the Northeast direction. Northeast direction works as the transmitter for receiving the cosmic energy in that House, from the universe. The Vaastu Purush breath here from Northeast direction goes to the South-west corner and due to the interface of the forces, the entire house gets energized.

These basic principles for worship room { Puja ghar } are as follows:-

  • The room for worship of god {pooja ghar} in the building should always be situated in the North, East or the Northeast side of the house. The south corners should be avoided.
  • The room for worship of god {pooja ghar} should never be made in a bedroom or on a wall adjacent to the bathroom wall.
  • The idols should either be in the east or the west of the worship room{puja ghar}. The idols should not face the north or the south directions. If they face northwards, the devotees will look southwards, which is not considered auspicious in Vastu shastra.
  • Construction of Temple or Meditation room in the shape of Pyramid. In such Pyramid meditation or study facing towards Northeast direction long term memory retains.
  • In room for worship of god {pooja ghar} don’t brought status from any ancient temple.
  • In room for worship of god {pooja ghar}don’t display photo of Mahabharata, birds and animals .
  • In room for worship of god {pooja ghar}should prayer facing towards North or East. For Meditation North direction is the best.
  • It is strictly suggested that toilets should not be built above or below the Puja Ghar {room for worship of god}.
  • The colour of walls of pooja ghar should be white, lemon or light blue
  •  It is auspicious to use white or light yellow marble work in the puja ghar {room for worship of god}
  • The purple colour can also be used as this is the colour for meditation and concentration
  • Worship room {Puja ghar}  always keep pure or holy. Any unholy object should not be placed.
  • In worship room{puja ghar} lamp of pure ghee should lighten.
  • Cloth using for dusting of status or photo in worship room {puja ghar} should be kept separate from other. That is why next day garland and prasad should be clean. Garland at house should not stale otherwise would stain and money loss.
  • Money, Cash or any other valuables should not be hidden in the worship rooms{puja ghar}.