THE 10 STEP NATURAL PLAN TO SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHTHealthy body and healthy mind is necessary to live life positively. If a person is mentally and physically fit, he can easily perform his day to day activities with full energy and zeal. All this can   happen when you sleep well, yes, better sleep at night gives you energy for the coming day. Many people not able to sleep properly at night, or some may not be able to take better sleep at night. All this happen due to daily stress and tension but solution is always there for every problem. Some ritual or practice can make your sleep better or change your life. Here are some tips to help you for getting better night sleep.

1 . Set a time to Sleep: Go to bed at the same time everyday or be stick to it. After getting tired after whole day you fall on bed and sleep. But some people find difficult to sleep. There may be some reasons behind it, but you can meditate or relaxing before going bed help you to fall asleep in short time.

2. Think before eating at night: Be careful when you eating at night. Don’t take heavy foods or too much liquids at dinner. Always we listen to eat light food at night. Heavy spicy or stuffed food may discomfort you. Nicotine or caffeine also creates problems in night sleep.

3.  Brush up teeth: As you dinner’s menu important at night so as the brushing of teeth. It is always a good habit to brush your teeth before sleeping because teeth has a huge impact on your health. If don’t brush your teeth at night then gums can lead to serious problems such as respiratory disease. If don’t care for your teat there may be chance to losing them  as you stepping into  old age.

4.  Remove makeup: To get a healthy skin you have to keep it clean. Specially women does makeup daily and at night it is very necessary to remove the makeup. You may feel tired to remove but once you put it into your daily practice you get healthy skin. If you don’t remove makeup then the pores of your skin will close or your skin don’t get proper oxygen which resulting in pimples or blemishes and aging.

5.  Write your day’s best experience on dairy:  Before going on bed write something about your days’ best experience on your dairy. It can be thankfulness towards any person or your achieving of the day. Write one or two lines daily which gives positive meaning it will change your mood.

6.  Do Stretching: We think stretching  is good for morning but at the time of sleep stretching relaxed your body and prepare you to take better sleep. It also good for your joints.

7. Prepare your bedroom for sleeping: We cant’ ignore that sometime our bedroom is not in good condition. We find our pillow or blankets here and there and room is scattered. Before going on bed manage your room or bed.  It will help to relax your mind and sleep better.

8. Keep the lights dim: Always dim the lights of bedroom to get a better sleep at night.  Watching tv before sleeping may interrupt your sleeping, it will be good idea to keep your electronic devices out of the bedroom if possible.

9. Go 10 minutes early on bed:  If you are not getting enough sleep it may effect your healthy negatively.  Going on bed  10 minutes early relaxed your body and prepares you for the sleeping.

10.  Meditate yourself before sleeping: Doing meditation before sleeping may be good idea, you can make it daily ritual. It reduces the stress , anxiety and calm your mind which helps to take better sleep.

In order to keep active and stress free it is very important to take better sleep at night. Proper sleeping may help you to perform well on your work or daily activities.

{ Kanchan Rastogi }