TOP 15 FOODS & HERBS THAT INCREASE SPERM COUNTBalanced food keeps us physically and mentally fit and gives us energy whole day for activities. There are varieties of food available like vegetable, fruits, dry fruits, peas, dairy products, herbs or many more which help us to keep healthy. Food can be very beneficial to increase the sperm count naturally. If the males are not taking balanced diet they may face problem of low sperm count. To achieve fatherhood males need 20 million sperms in per ml of semen and the 70% should be active. There are foods available which can help to increase male fertility. We are  describing further about these types of foods.

ASHWAGANDHA1 . ASHWAGANDHA: This herb helps to increase the sperm counts. It encourages hormonal balance and supplement bioactive nutrients. Ashwagandha improves nerve system which result a male perform better than before. It helps to improve mental health also which helps to relived nervousness.

GOKSHURU2 . GOKSHURU: It keeps your blood vessels health which maintain energy level of the body. The regular use of Gokshuru benefits male in many ways, it increases fertility of men.   In many cases males suffer with poor testicular functions but this herb helps to solve this problem.

SHATAVARI3 .  SHATAVARI:  If men suffers with poor health and weakness they may take Shatavari and this really helps them to come out of their problem.  This herb is very useful to increase sperm counts in men. It also improve your digestion.

WATERMELON4 . WATERMELON: Watermelon is full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and has lycopene which gives it red color. Watermelon helps to reduce the infection and inflammation. Because of Vitamin C it  boost the immune system. it also helps to increase the sperm counts.

FRUIT SALAD5. FRUIT SALAD: We know that for healthy balanced diet we must include fruit salad in our daily diet. Fruits like orange, cherries and other antioxidant rich foods helps to improve sperm count. When you eat fruits daily it helps you to get whole nutrition.

GARLIC6 . GARLIC: Garlic give our body so many health benefits, eating daily garlic helps in reducing  joint pain. The inclusion of garlic in diet for males also helps while we talking about sperm counts. It increases the blood circulation in the genital parts and make the sperms stronger.

BROCCOLI7 . BROCCOLI: Eating broccoli may help in male fertility. It is full of folic acid and vitamin B9. Inclusion of broccoli in males daily diet may increase their sperm count by 70%.

SPINACH8 . SPINACH:  Spinach is also full of folic acid which is also beneficial for males. Eating spinach may give them healthier sperms.

VEGGIES9 . VEGGIES:  Kale, Asparagus and garlic are really beneficial if male include in their diet. They may eat raw or boiled it increases their sperm count naturally. Vegetable are rich in vitamin, minerals and folic acid may improve male fertility.

PUMPKIN SEEDS10 . PUMPKIN SEEDS: Seeds of pumpkin is also increase testosterone production in men. Pumpkin seeds has omega-3 fatty acids which boosts sperm count.

BANANA11 .  BANANA: Banana has vitamins B1, A and C which helps men’s body to boost sperm producing ability. Banana contains enzyme Bromelain which is rare. Banana affects the production of sperm count and increase the ability to produce more.

POMEGRANATE12 . POMEGRANATE: Include Pomegranate in your daily diet which may help to solve the problem of low sperm count. Pomegranates fights with the malondialdehyde which caused low sperm quality.

WALNUTS13 .WALNUTS:  Walnuts are also helpful to increase the sperm count. Walnuts has omega-3 fatty acids that increase blood circulation in penis.

DARK CHOCOLATE14 . DARK CHOCOLATE: Dark Chocolate has so many health benefits. It contains L-arginine which is also found in red meat, nuts and spinach. It helps to increase sperm count and also increases the blood flow in genitals.

ALMONDS15. ALMONDS: Almonds  are rich in Vitamin E and is a powerful antioxidant which boosts  immune system. You can add almonds in your daily diet. You can eat them plain or add them to cereal, oatmeal. Almonds affects the production of sperm count and increase the ability to produce more.

The food has lot of health benefits, only you need to know the right food according to your body’s need.

( Kanchan Rastogi )