VASTU SHASTRA : IS YOUR HOUSE NORTH -EAST FACING ?In architectural scripture { Vastu Shastra }, the importance of Northeast facing {Ishyan mukhi} house is explained in a vast details. Among the eight directions, the Northeast is considered the second best option followed by the East direction, which is considered as the best entrance direction. Northeast { Ishyan mukhi } is the most important and holy direction and is ruled by Lord Shiva, this direction works as the transmitter for receiving the cosmic energy in that house, from the universe.

According to architectural scripture { Vastu Shastra }, if there is a way in Northeast direction of the plot then this  house is northeast facing {Ishyan mukhi}.  If you have a house facing this direction {Ishanya mukhi} then you can prevent the defects of architectural scripture { Vastu Shastra } in a very simple manner. So, Lets invite happiness and peace in life by filling the house with love.

Here, some measures have been given in order to prevent architectural defects {Vastu dosh} which are as follows :-

  1. During construction of your plot, make sure to keep the Northeast direction at lower level and to keep more openings  as compared to the remaining 7 directions, in this way the house will get maximum benefits.
  2. Northeast must not be shredded and covered because this will give benefits in dynasty growth, opulence, having an intelligent child and growth in business. If it gets shredded or destroyed then benefits can change into loss.
  3. For happiness, prosperity and benefit glory, northeast must be not high.
  4. Northeast portion of the plot should be kept blank, do not put a heavy object in this direction.
  5. Ishyan mukhi plot should build main entries facing towards Northeast.
  6. You should keep Northeast clean and don’t put garbage and broom in that part of the house.
  7. The Northeast is perfect place for Bore-Well or an underground water tank or other water source. This gives benefit to the owner of that house, particularly its very good for house, dynasty, growth, wealth.
  8. Design the lobby or porch of the northeast facing houses in Northeast as this should be a good option to the owner and keeping these portions of house lower than other main building will brings prosperity and fame to the house owner
  9. One should never construct heavy objects like kitchen, pillars, staircase, toilet, store room, etc. in the northeast direction.

10. By creating garden in Northeast will activate the bio-cosmic energies in this direction, and enhance the good luck of the inmates.