WHAT MOLES ON FACE TELL ABOUT YOUR LUCK, LIFE & CHARACTER In Indian Samudrik sastra a variety of moles of the face have been described, these moles have a direct impact on our nature and future. By looking at protruding moles of the face, the person’s character can be explained. As having moles on the lips indicate that the woman is luxurious and the man having a mole behind the ear indicates that he will be short lived. According to Samudrik sastra, by looking at the moles and location of moles a lot can be known about individual’s life.

1.If mole is at the center of the width at the top, the person’s brain develops at an early age.

2. If mole is at the beginning of nose on the line where the corner of both eyes meet, this indicates that the germs of a disease have invaded the body.

3. Mole at the center of the  nose indicates that the disease’ germs are growing, and if these are not checked at time , the person (Jataka) will be suffering from the disease at the age of 40-41.

4. The mole on the tip of the nose tells that person (Jataka) will face economic losses at the age of 48.

5.Mole at the ditch connecting upper lip to the nose indicates two things.

A. Possibility of accidents in water .

B. A colleague can be problematic in the life of woman Jataka at about 50-51 years of age.

6. Moles at right side of the upper lip and at left part of the lower lip indicate that such person (Jataka) will get delicious food to eat.

7. Mole beneath the lower lip at the top of chin at right – left side indicates that person (Jataka) has the ability to make quick decisions.

8. Mole in the middle of the upper part of the chin indicates that person (Jataka) will start serious thinking at an early age.

 9. Moles can be in two places in the central part of the chin, such person (Jatakas) are harsh and of aggressive nature.

10. Mole occur at the very bottom of the chin at right- left side, the person (Jataka) is happy even living alone in old age.

11. Mole on the tip of the chin in the middle of both right-left sides – These   persons (Jatakas) are lucky and they become successful even doing little work.

12. Mole in the middle part of the forehead on the right and left edges make person (Jataka) lucky and even little exertion makes them successful.

13.Mole are located at the upper eyebrows tip in the  line of both outer ears,  these persons (Jatakas) are of depressed nature and remain depressed despite having achieved success in their life.

14. Mole can be in any part on both eyebrows, person (Jataka) is rich.

15. Mole are under the eyes, if mole on left eyebrow then woman live longer than husband and spends widow life in old age.

16. Mole in chin in line near the ear, if the mole on either side person (Jataka) is robust and  if on only one side the mole is sterilized.

17. The mole at a bit lower the upper ends of the outer circle of the ears, Jataka’s wisdom grows larger than usual.

18.Moles are in the middle of the length of the outer circle of ears, these persons (Jatakas) face too much hurdles in their work.

19.Mole on the back side of the ear in the outer circle, if it is in the upper part of the ear, estrangement from parents results if in the central part the person (Jataka) gets proper fruits of his labor and if in the lower section then results in the loss of money.

20. Mole is in the middle of the cheek, If the mole is on one cheek, then the person (Jataka) dies in the remote location from his own native, If the moles on both cheeks Jataka remains happy in old age.

21. If mole is in the middle of skull`s upper rounding, It is considered the best mole. This mole is so good for person (Jataka) that even if he is born to poor parents, he becomes the owner of the valuable property.