How to use flowers in order to worships god How to use flowers in order to worships god and happiness. They form an important and integral part of a Hindu worship; they are used in all Hindu poojas irrespective of whether they are carried out at home or at temples. When flowers are offered to deities, there is a mechanism which functions to release divine energy into the atmosphere.

It is said that as flowers, fruits and leaves grow, they have more to offer. Blooming flowers is on up front so that when they face against sky and not down towards earth. They offered in shape of garland, more sequels come. But even with all your faith and trust in extremely important if you do not have belief and assuredness, you must believe that any type of  things offered to God cannot be accepted  but if you offer him even a single flower with belief and assuredness then your prayer will be hear out by god.

 When you are offering Durva, Tulsi and Bailpatra, make sure to offer to bend downwards. You should also use your middle, thumb and ring finger of your right hand, when offering flowers and if you want to take out the  unblossomed or too old flowers then use index finger and thumb of the same hand.  Flower which got sleuth, body felt, eaten by insects, broken, dropped on Earth, smelled, in odorous, fire burned, planted at unholy area should never be offered to God, however buds can be offered.

Washing of flowers by immersing is also prohibited, only water can sprinkle on it.  Tulsi and Ganga water never get stale and water from Pilgrimages is not stale too.  Garland of Tulsi is beloved to god and it is written in Skandpuran too, that how much God admires this, does not matter if they are fresh or dry. Furthermore, Flowers which are made by Gems, Precious Stones and Gold Material etc never grows stale.

Plucking flower Mantra

Wash hands and legs folded hands and say, facing towards  East

Maa nu shonk kurushav tavm sthaan tyaang cha maa kuru ।

Devta poojdanaarthaay praarthyaami vanaspate ।।

When plucking first flower ‘Om Varunaay namah’ say।

When plucking second flower ‘Om Vyomaay namah’ say ।

When plucking third flower ‘Om Prithiivai namah’ say।

Different flowers are associated for the worship of different deities in Hinduism

Lord Ganesha: Arugampul or Bermuda grass commonly found almost everywhere, is the most auspicious offering to Lord Ganesha.

Goddess Saraswati: As Goddess Saraswati  seated on a white lotus, so this flower is offered to her, however, Parijata is not to be offered to Goddess Saraswati.

Goddess Lakshmi: Lotus happens to be the abode of Goddess Lakshmi, as this flower is considered as sacred. Thazhampoo, which is also called Ketaki or Screwpine, Thechi, Champak  and Jamanthi  are also some flowers that invokes the Grace of the goddess of wealth.

Goddess Durga: Red flowers are basically offered to Goddess Durga. Hibiscus, Thechi , Sev Arali  are some of the most commonly used flowers for the worship of Durga.

Goddess Parvati : There are  various flowers in `Lalita Sahasranama` which can be dedicated to Devi. It is also said that she resides in the Kadhamba groves, for which, she is acknowledged with devotion as `Kadhambavana Vasini`. Kadamb` ,Champak, Hibiscus, Punnaag or Sultan Champa, Jasmine, etc are ideal in order to attract the grace of Devi.

Lord Shiva: It is well known to a devout Hindus that Belpatra  are considered as the most auspicious flower to be offered to Lord Shiva. Apart from it, Thumbai Poo , Purple orchids or Kovidaar flowers are also recommended for the worship of Lord Shiva.

Lord Vishnu: It is a commonly known fact that Tulsi (Basil leaves) leaves are considered the most auspicious to be offered to Lord Vishnu. Apart from Tulsi, Paraijata, Thechi,  Shankhupushpam or Aparajitha  are also considered auspicious to be offered to Lord Vishnu.

Lord Hanuman: Tulsi or Basil leaves and a garland made of `Beetle leaves` are recommended to invoke the blessings of Lord Hanuman. Red flowers are also offered to Hanuman.

Devmuni Naard is considered as the best flower, if offers by heart.  Devraj Indra has said that  your prayer will be heard even if you offer a single flower by heart.

Method how to offer worship to God heartily

1. Om lam Prithiivyaatmakam gandham pariiklapayaamii |

(Lord! I offer you earth as odor – Chandan)

2. Om ham aakashatmakam pushpam pariiklapayaamii |

(Lord! I offer you Sky as flower)

3. Om yam vaatvaatmakam dhoopam pariiklapayaamii |

(Lord! I offer you Air as dhoop)

4. Om ram vahnyaatmakam deepam darshyaami |

(Lord I offer fire as deep)

5. Om vam amritaatmakam naivedyam nivedaami |

(Lord! I urge you oblation at par to Nectar)

6. Om saun sarvaatmakam sarvopachaaram samarpyaami |

(Lord I offer you all treatment of world as best.)

 Emotion devotion by these Mantras and faithfully by heartily prayer described as the best worship by Narad Ji