your luckSometimes even after hard work, man can get frustrated after facing hard luck. Despite doing the sincere and hard work, job offers are not being received. On the basis of eligibility and ability, you won’t be getting well paid whereas your junior would get promotions. You will probably start blaming yourself. Though yes if you work with sincerity, hard work and honesty but having luck on your side is equally important in order to get success in life.

 Now the question arises as to why it happens with you?

The Astrology analyzes the impacts of planets  in your Horoscope. The planets which gives  great relief  suffer and sorrow directly or indirectly. Impact of planets in which ascendant shows different impact. Dasha Mahadasha is guide our good and evil actions.

1. Destiny diminish should study deeply the 9th  house and Navmesh {lord of 9th  house} in Horoscope.

2.  5th house { 9th  to 9th house} and lord of  5th house’s should be carefully inspected.

3. Placement of donor of fortune-renown Sun not under the influence of malefic or  debilitated  planet vision.

4. Somewhere Jupiter, donor of money, wealth, job, husband, son and prosperity is not under debilitated condition  or malefic influence.

5. Lagan {1st house In horoscope} and Lagan lord {Lord of 1st house} somewhere on influence of malefic or debilitated  planets.


Some combination obstruction in luck

1. If  Lagnesh {lord of 1st  house} in debilitated condition, 6th , 8th  , 12th   house than luck is interrupted.

2. Rahu in Lagan {1st  house}, debilitated  Saturn in any house in horoscope and Mars in 4th     house than luck is interrupted.

3. If lagnesh {Lord of 1st house} along with Sun, Moon and Rahu are in 12th  house then luck is interrupted.

4. If  lagnesh {Lord of 1st house} along with Sun in Libra sign{Sun in debilitated condition}  and Saturn in 6th or 8th  house  then fortunes of the natives are not supporting.

5. If panchmesh {lord of 5th house} debilitated or retrograde and placement in 6th , 8th 12th  house then may be suffering deception.

6. If  panchmesh {lord of 5th house}, and navmesh {lord of 9th house} as debilitated condition in 6th  house then interrupted by the enemy.

7. If Impact of Rahu, Ketu and Sun on 5th  house and lagnesh {lord of 1st house} in 6th house than due to Pitra dosh, luck is interrupted.

8. If Jupiter of Capricorn sign in 5th house then suffers hardness of luck.

9. If panchmesh {lord of 5th house} in 12th  house along with Mercury in Pisces sign then  luck is interrupted.

10. If Sun in 5th house or 9th house along with exalted  Saturn { Saturn in Libra sign }than destiny is seen obstacle.

11.If Sun along with Venues in 9th house aspects by the Saturn then luck not with them.

12. If navmesh { lord of 9th house} in 12th  or 8th  house seen by malefic planet the luck not with them.

13. If lord of 9th house along with Rahu in 8th  house then facing difficulties at worries level.

14. If lord of 9th house along with Rahu or Ketu in 2nd  house aspects by Saturn then human luck is interrupted.

15. If lord of 9th  house along with lord of 6th house placement  in 12th  house and aspect by malefic planet then suffering due to illness, debt and disease.

16. If debilitated Jupiter along with lord of 9th house in 8th house aspects by Rahu or Ketu  luck is interrupted.

17. If debilitated Jupiter  placement in 6th , 8th or 12th  house and aspects by Rahu or Saturn  then luck not with them.


Measures luck diminished prevention.

Good measures taken of Sun, Jupiter, Lagnesh {lord of 1st house}, Navmesh {lord of 9th house} luck related diminish go to solve.

1. Chatting of Gayatri Mantra  and offering water to God Sun.

2. In the morning, get blesses of parents by touching feet.

3. Never feel superior by knowledge, reputation and post.

4. Save by the curse of weak and helpless person.

5. Help old age home and weaker section as per physical, mentally and money level.

6. A day in week visits Temples, Mosques, church or Gurudwara and pray for happiness . By also donation of Steel, Cement, Rebar in Holy places and help in contraction work.

7. Reads || Mahishasura Mardini Stotram || in morning , block of fate are away.

8. `Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudeva` By chatting of this mantra 108 times luck will be favored.

9. In case of not defect pronunciation Aditya hridya stotra

( Click Here For Aditya Hridya Stotra ) should be chanting by prayer.